Friday, March 25, 2016

When Giulio Regeni's Passport was found !!

Earlier Thursday , several news websites in Egypt including Tahrir Newspaper and ONA News agency published very graphic photos of suspects killed by Egyptian police in some police raid in
The bus of the suspects "Tahrir website"
New Cairo. According to security sources that spoke to those newspapers , those 5 suspects were members of a gang that used to kidnap and rob foreigners recently.

The sources added that those dead suspects were involved allegedly in the murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni !!

The security sources released very graphic photos of those suspects after being killed by Police special forces after they "the suspects" opened their fire first. 'as usual'.
You can check the Tahrir report. "Graphic content".

After a couple of hours, Egypt's Ministry of interior "MOI" issued an official short statement saying that security forces busted a criminal gang that impersonated police office officers to kidnap foreigners with the intent to rob them.

The suspects were killed in an exchange of fire with security forces.
The ministry did not release the photos of that the suspects in its first statement. It did not mention any names nor it mentioned that those suspects were involved in the Italian student's murder.

صرح مسئول مركز الإعلام الأمنى أنه صباح اليوم الخميس الموافق 24 الجارى تمكنت الأجهزة الأمنية بمديرية أمن القاهرة من إستهد...
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Right after that statement , a security source told Ahram Arabic news website that the security forces had not found yet a connection between Giulio Regeni's murder and that gang.
He added that the gang was being investigated.

Interestingly, the New Cairo Prosecution told Shorouk Newspaper that the gang had not relation with Regeni's murder but one of their victims was an Italian.

Then in the evening, the ministry of interior had a big announcement to make : That gang had the belongings of late Giulio Regeni including his Italian Passport , his AUC ID and Cambridge University ID as well his credit cards.
Regeni's passport and IDs as well a piece of Hashish
"Official MOI Facebook" 
Those belongings were found in the apartment of one of the suspect' sister.

صرح مسئول المركز الإعلامى الأمنى بوزارة الداخلية أنه فى ضوء تمكن الأجهزة الأمنية بمديرية أمن القاهرة صباح اليوم 24 الجار...
Posted by ‎الصفحة الرسمية لوزارة الداخلية‎ on Thursday, March 24, 2016

The MOI is saying in its statement that they found Regeni's IDs and passport in a red handbag with Italy's flag on it because you know he was Italian
The police found the following besides Regeni's Italian passport , credit card and university IDs  :
LE 5,000, a 15 gm of a dark substance looks like hashish, a woman black watch , 3 sunglasses , 2 mobile phones and woman's purse with big glittery "Love" on it !!
The red handbag "Twitter"

The MOI listed the other thefts of the gang along some of its victims and interestingly all those robberies took place in Nasr City and New Cairo areas.

The statement also revealed the security forces killed 4 members of the gang in New Cairo in an exchange of fire after their attempt to escape in a microbus.

A fifth John Doe body was found in the microbus as well !!

Despite the MOI did not say that the gang was responsible directly for Regeni's murder yet it says directly it is involved or connected somehow to the Italian political researcher's disappearance.

As all the members of that alleged gang were killed and we won't their version of the story as suspects according to the law.
This new development in Regeni's case comes a week after the false testimony of some citizen.
Now , I have  a couple of questions about the MOI's statements.

Regeni's AUC ID "MOI" 
How did a gang based in Nasr City and New Cairo kidnap a foreigner on the 25 January from Dokki, Giza or even Tahrir square on 25 January in very high security measures ??
Of course , the answer will be : The members of the gang used to impersonate allegedly police officers !!

Why did not the gang get rid of Regeni's passport and IDs as soon as they knew the whole world is speaking about him for more than a month!??

Why would that gang steal Regeni when he seemed to less rich compared to the other victims mentioned.

Despite , there has been no direct mention that the gang was involved in murdering Regeni I will ask that question in advance : Why would an alleged gang of robbers kidnap, torture for days and then kill Regeni !??

BY the way , many people in Egypt like me are asking the same questions.

Italian Press does not seem to be impressed with the new findings of the Egyptian police as well.
ANSA quoted sources in Italian investigators team that said that Regeni's case was far from closed. 
The Italian sources also reported inconsistencies in the case.
"First, kidnappers would be unlikely to hold on to compromising evidence such as a victim's passport for months after the victim's death. Second, kidnappers would be unlikely to torture a victim over the course of a week - as Regeni was - if their only purpose was to obtain a ransom.    Third, it is not credible that an entire gang of alleged kidnappers was killed by police, thereby preventing any possibility of getting corroborating statements from any of them.
I think we are on the same page !! I was asking the same questions above !!  


  1. Bravo Zeinobia, Egypt is lying and this will make things worse.

  2. ridiculous silly egyptian government!

    here is also a must see about saudi arabia:

  3. It is possible that the government used criminal gang to do the ground level of dirty work, such as kidnapping & disposing of body. These actions are done on direct orders and coordination from security officers. If there is any laps or failure in these tasks, the bad guys will take the fall after being killed.

    Don’t rule out the possibility of producing direct physical evidence linking the criminal gang to Regeni. Possible example, the gang and Regeni were at one place at the same time. Yet there will be no evidence linking the gang to those who gave the orders.

    The story now looks stupid, wait for the next episode.


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