Tuesday, March 22, 2016

And after 760 days , Mahmoud Mohamed is released on bail "Updated"

And after 760 days of detention since the 4th anniversary of January Revolution , Mahmoud Mohamed aka the t-shirt detainee has been released on bail.
Yes , the cheerful news was confirmed by his brother Tarek Mohamed on twitter.
Updated : The Egyptian prosecution appealed against the court's decision to release Mahmoud on bail early Wednesday according to his brother and lawyer. 

It turned out that Mahmoud Mohamed was released on bail due to presidential intervention as it seems.
Earlier Tuesday, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met with 25 thinkers and intellectuals as a start of some national dialogue "do not ask me what is that" and Pro-Jan25 award winning novelist Ibrahim Abdel Meguid raised the detained high school student's case.

Mahmoud Mohamed is released. I went to the meeting to speak about him and I spoke angrily about a 7000-years old state that detains that young man and the president accepted my request.
I told him {The president} , what if {something}Mahmoud Mohamed and {something} torture. Mr. President, I wrote to you an op-ed about Mahmoud before and I have come here to demand the release of Mahmoud Mohamed 
Mahmoud Mohamed was already tortured in a police station after his release
Hours later , the student who was arrested during the 4th anniversary of January revolution for
wearing a t-shirt against torture according to his brother was ordered to be released on bail "LE 1000".
Mahmoud in court 
Mahmoud Mohamed was in detention without a trial on charges of incitement of violence and illegal protesting for two years.
It is worth to mention that after two years of temporary detention pending investigations, Mohamed should have been released according to the Egyptian criminal law and constitution but for some reason he was not released.
I think this incident shows the problem with the Egyptian justice system.
Two years of detention without a trial and then the heavenly presidential intervention comes in to end that illegal detention.
Anyhow I am not and won't complain because in the end Mahmoud Mohamed will return to his home and to his family back inshallah within hours.
Thanks to Ibrahim Abdel Meguid
All admiration to Mahmoud's brother Tarek aka Tito and his lawyer Mokhtar Mounir.
P.S : I do not blog often nowadays because I have Wi-Fi connection problems right now at home. I am using 3G hotspot connections to blog important news like this.


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