Monday, March 28, 2016

And Italians did not buy that !!

Egypt's Ministry of interior 'MOI' spokesperson Abu Bakr Abdel Karim says officially that his ministry did not say that the gang the police killed all its suspect members on Thursday was not responsible for the killing
The police general went on a phone tour in Egypt's talk show hinting out that officially the MOI has not accused the gang of killing Regeni in the past 48 hours
Here is a statement of Police General Abdel Karim to Al-Hayat TV
Abdel Karim : We did not say that the gang was involved in Regeni's murder.
It is true , all the official statements issued by the MOI officially in the media and on its Official Facebook page in Arabic lacked any direct accusation to the gang alleged members of killing Regeni. The MOI accused the gang only of robbing Regeni and thanked the Italian investigators for their help only !!!
Still despite that the official ministry of interior's statements, the Egyptian Pro-regime was the one claiming since Thursday that the gang stands behind the killing of Giulio indirectly to implant this idea in the head of the public whether press or TV or radio.
The Pro-regime media does not act freely.
You got notorious Ahmed Moussa, the former Al-Ahram newspaper's correspondent to the ministry of interior showing the personal photos of the alleged members of the gang on his TV show.
I think he would not be able to show the photos except if his crew did not have direct access to the current investigations.
Pro-regime MP Mostafa Bakry claimed since day one that the police arrested those who killed Regeni who turned to be criminals unlike those "conspirators" claimed !!

Now Police General Abdel Karim's statements come only after huge official Italian rejection
On Friday , the Italian official reactions began to show that the people on the other side of the Mediterranean did not buy that the kidnappers gang.
Former Italian Prime minister Enrico Letta was the first prominent political figure in Italy to slam indirectly the Egyptian Police official statement about the gang and its relation to Regeni.

"I'm sorry, I don't buy it" Letta said.
He used two active hashtags in Italy in the past few days dedicated to Giulio Regeni "#iononcicredo" {I do not believe you} and "#veritapergiulioregeni" {Truth for Giulio Regeni}.
It is not only Letta, the Egyptian government losing friends in Italian Parliament.
"There's no explanation for why ordinary criminals, whose alleged objective was a robbery or ransom, would have inflicted such cruelty that is used only by torture professionals," said Pia Locatelli, head of the lower chamber's human rights committee told AP in Rome
Italian investigators in Cairo told Italian News Agency ANSA on Friday that the case was far from closed.
Regenis demand the truth for their son
Regeni's family demands the truth "ANSA"
Regeni's Family also issued a very strong statement demanding the Italian government to act against what they called "an outrageous set-up" {which further cost the lives of five people}
Yes , the Regenis spoke about those five suspects who were killed on Thursday.
As the police is speaking day and night about those suspects as criminals showing the statements of their victims, it turned out that the fifth John Doe body found in the suspects' alleged micro-bus is the body of Ibrahim Farouk.
Farouk's uncle spoke on TV and said that his nephew was actually arrested from his house by security forces before he would be killed like that.
He also added that Ibrahim Farouk had no criminal activity what so ever.
He also said that autopsy report revealed that the suspects were shot from short range and not in an exchange of fire like the MOI claimed in its report.
Back to Italy , as the anger increased it seems that the Pressure on Cairo increased and thus we find Police General Abu Bakr Abdel Karim swearing in the media that the MOI did not say that the gang Regeni.
On Sunday , Italian interior minister Angelino Alfano saying that the Egyptian detectives probing the murder of Regeni would extend their investigation after pressure from Rome. Yes , he said "Pressure from Rome"
So the Italians did not buy that gang theory , well the Egyptians did not buy too since day one !!
By the way , according to Egyptian Chronicles' knowledge , the Prosecution General sent an order to Egyptian banks on Monday to check if Regeni had any bank accounts there.
According to the ministry of interior's story , the gang took Regeni to a bank in Maadi to withdraw USD 10,000 from his account so they could leave him !! 

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