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Okasha's affair : The village's fool is no longer wanted

Wednesday afternoon, the majority of Egypt's House of Representatives agreed to revoke the parliamentary membership of Tawfik Okasha for allegedly meeting the Israeli ambassador.
Not less than 465 members agreed to strip Okasha off his parliamentary membership in a noisy session according to the parliamentary correspondents who attended it.
All the action and the fights were about Okasha despite he was not allowed to attend the session despite he begged to enter.
Tawfik Okasha trying to know what is happening behind the closed door
"Sada el-Balad" 
Later that evening the controversial TV host declared that he would close and sell his populist-conspiracy-theory TV channel "El-Faraeen" for the zillion times thanking both the Egyptian people and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

That's the main event in Egypt on Wednesday despite on the same day, the same House of Representatives approved without further discussion in a very short time the 3-billion Euro loans the Egyptian ministry of defense took from the French banks to finance French arms deals. That has not happened in Egypt's modern history since Khedive Ismail I believe. Anyhow all the attention of course to Okasha and his dinner with the Israeli ambassador.
The French loans are extremely important but unfortunately in this post I am going to join that media circus in Egypt about Okasha or a.k.a El-Oksh as the Pro-25 January revolution supporters love to call him.
This has nothing to do with anti-Zionism as the foreign press thinks.  It is more complicated than that.
Since the House of Representatives started to convene and Okasha  has been making non-stopped headlines in the media with his fights in the parliament.
It has been a regular thing to read that the Pro-regime MP was denied to speak in the parliament or was kicked out of the sessions.When I look to his saga in the parliament, I must stop at certain milestones.

Diaries of an MP in the House of Representatives

In December 2015, he said in a TV interview on ONTV that security apparatuses were working against Egypt slamming the Pro-Sisi parliamentary bloc led by former intelligence officer Sameh Seif El-Yazal. "Video"
He later appeared on the same channel in the same TV show in a lengthy interview slamming the security apparatuses claiming that he asked for political asylum in Germany.
Next day, Egypt's Media Free zone suspended Okasha from speaking on TV whether on his channel or any other channel for whole six months.
Despite he apologized for his statements saying that he said what he had said as a plan to test the state, the ban was implemented.
He did not sit still and challenged the order in front of the administrative court and later he got an administrative court order ending that ban.
Ranting only on his TV channel, he announced that he would invite the Israeli ambassador to a dinner at his house in Mansoura because Israel was "besieging Egypt in Libya , Ethiopia and war on terrorism...etc.".
Nobody gave a damn for that because he is regarded as the "village's fool" despite his high viewership.
Two weeks ago, the Pro-Sisi TV host ranted once again in his TV show calling for the dismissal of the cabinet and early presidential elections.

Next day at the parliament, he tried to speak in order to share his suggestion but the House of Representatives' speaker Ali Abdel Aal refused to let him speak.
He went mad and insulted Abdel Aal & so he was referred to special investigation committee.

And he came to dinner

After 24 hours or 48 hours, the Israeli embassy in Cairo shared the photos of that 3-hours dinner and talks Israeli ambassador Haim Koren had with Okasha at his home in Talkha, Dakahalia.

في الأمس التقي السيد السفير حاييم كورين بالدكتور توفيق عكاشة واستمر اللقاء أكثر من ثلاث ساعات تخللها العشاء و كان لقاءا ناجحا جدا و اتفق الجانبين علي مواصلة اللقاء و علي استمرار التعاون المشترك
Posted by ‎إسرائيل في مصر‎ on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ambassador Koren was happy to be invited with a man who got a media reach like Okasha.
Since the inauguration of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, the Israeli ambassador was treated like the Satan's envoy in the Egyptian mainstream media but now he is invited to the home of one of Egypt's most watched and controversial TV hosts publicly.
Koren and Okasha at his guests room in Talkha
"Israeli embassy in Cairo" 
The media circus began.
Normal people went angry and mad. They did not understand how Okasha who speaks all the time about the American Zionist Freemason conspiracies against Egypt would invite and meet with the Israeli ambassador.
Others considered the dinner as the beginning to normalize the relations with Israel.
Now most people ignore some facts. Tawfik Okasha already visited Israel before 2011.

Okasha in Israel before 2010 
He also called Israeli Netanyahu to bomb Iran as well Gaza.
Recounting what happened in that meeting on his TV channel,the talkative TV host claimed that he hosted the Israeli ambassador because he believes Israel can solve the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Ethiopian Dam. In return Egypt would provide Israel with water from the Nile, he said.
He also added that he told Koren that If Israel wanted natural relations with Egypt then it should build ten schools instead of Sharkia's Bahr Al-Baqar school which Israel bombed in 1970 and to work on two states solutions.
He revealed that he informed the Egyptian security apparatuses aka the Intelligence four days earlier.
Then the epic moment of Okasha came when he was hit a by the shoe in he Egyptian House of Representative on Sunday.
Nasserite MP Kamel Ahmed hit Okasha with his shoe during another noisy full of action for nothing parliamentary session.
That moment he was hit a by shoe 
Ahmed who is considered the oldest veteran MP in the House of Representatives said that he hit Okasha in order to send to the Israeli government a message that the Egyptian people rejected the neutralization of relations with Israel.
At night, Tawfik Okasha went on TV slamming his critics saying that Israeli PM Netanyahu mediated and allegedly convinced Obama to recognize 30 June as a revolution and El-Sisi as a president !!!!!!!
The MB media is repeating this as a fact but we all know what happened after the 30 June between the Egyptian administration and the States.
He also claimed that "he" was the one to tell "them in the regime" to go to Israel for help.
It did not stop at here. El-Oksh wondered why he was being labeled traitor alone when El-Sisi met Israeli officials.
He also revealed to the Egyptian public how an American firm owned by Israeli Jews called "Lazard" organized Egypt's Economic Development Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh in March 2015.
The Egyptian government indeed hired Lazard Group and JWT to organize the conference but Lazard is not owned by Israelis according to its history.

Next day, we began to read contradictory statements with calls to strip Okasha from his parliamentary membership and a campaign started to be waged against him in the parliament.
After being best friends, Pro-regime and close to presidency MP Mostafa El-Bakry suddenly remembered that Okasha got a fake PhD from a fake University in the States !!!

At the same time, former intelligence officer and the head of  the Pro-Sisi "Support Egypt" bloc in Parliament Sameh Seif El-Yazal said that El-Oksh did not commit any crime according to the law because as a "citizen he had the right to meet whatever he wanted".
He also added that "the parliament won't strip Okasha off his membership"
El-Yazal, a former regional manager of G4S Egypt was already under fire in 2012 for the operations of G4S and its work in illegal settlements in the occupied territories.

Speaking about intelligence officers, suddenly we are reminded that the uncle of the anti-25 January revolution TV host was allegedly an infamous traitor who used to spy for Israel in the Egyptian special forces after 1967.
That spy was executed by his commander in a very famous espionage case. I do not know if it is his uncle or not but the man did not deny that shame.

On Tuesday night, Okasha went mad and opened his fire on everybody.
He spoke about the family fights of MP Mostafa Bakry and criminal record of MP Said Hasaseen then he attacked Pro-Sisi Future of Homeland Party and its sponsor businessman tycoon Ahmed Abu-Hashima in a very dirty way.
He also slammed Saudi Arabia.

At the same time, Okasha was ranting late night, a special committee was holding a meeting to punish Okasha for his meeting with the Israeli ambassador.
The report of the committee reached to that conclusion that "MP Okasha violated the ‎principle of the separation of powers and disrupting ‎Egypt's deep-rooted parliamentary rules and ‎precedents when he recently took the unilateral decision of ‎meeting with Israel's ambassador !!"
I do not know what principle we are speaking about here especially that the bylaws of the House of Representatives have not been issued yet.
On Wednesday, infamous Youm 7 website, which is owned by Abu-Hashima unleashed a campaign against El-Oksh and suddenly remembered all his scandals.
Very close to presidency Youm7 already hosted Tawfik Okasha in its new HQ last summer.
Then in the parliament on the same day, all the members of "support of Egypt" bloc had orders to vote for revoking Okasha's membership.
The House of Representatives says that the membership was revoked according to article 110 of the Egyptian Constitution. That article stipulates the following:
The membership of any member may only be revoked if a member has lost trust, status or any of the conditions for membership on the basis of which he was elected, or if the duties of membership have been violated.
I am not a legal expert or Constitution expert but I do not find anything in that article incriminates Tawfik Okasha for real.
There is nothing in the constitution or the law that prohibits the meeting of any Egyptian citizen or Egyptian MP with a foreign ambassador even if he or she were the Israeli ambassador.
Officially, we got a treaty with Israel and there is no war with it. On the contrary, the security cooperation with Israel is unprecedented.
President Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi already was quoted in the Israeli media after his meeting with American Jewish congress leaders praising Bibi
Okasha positioned himself that he was the village's fool but he is no fool. I think, he will challenge the decision of the Parliament in front of the Supreme constitution Court.
Side remark, it seems that the members and speaker of parliament are a bit confused on why Okasha's membership was revoked.
On Wednesday, House of Representatives speaker Ali Abdel Aal told Shorouk Daily that revoking El-Oksh's membership had nothing tod with his meeting with the Israeli ambassador.
MP Soliman Mahran, the parliament's Undersecretary told Al-Asama TV channel on Wednesday too that Tawfik Okasha's membership was stripped because of his meeting with Israeli ambassador and insulting Saudi Arabia.
Okasha was slaughtered politically.
It is like his puppeteer is no longer interested in having himself on the political scene. He was only needed for a specific time. The Israeli ambassador's meeting was only the last straw as well a perfect populist reason to win the public again.
Now the question: Will the 3 July regime devour its men starting with Okasha ??
There is a similar campaign taking shape against Mortada Mansour already.

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