Wednesday, March 16, 2016

So Who is behind that alleged witness in Regeni's probe !?

The Egyptian prosecution announced in the Egyptian media that the testimony of the Egyptian citizen that came forward claiming that he saw late Giulio Regeni before his disappearance was a big fat lie.
Earlier this week, we found an alleged eyewitness called Mohamed Fawzy claiming that he saw 28-years-old Giulio Regeni having a verbal fight with some unknown foreigner outside the Italian Consulate in Cairo on 24 January.

Late Giulio Regeni 'Italian press'
The political sciences researcher went missing on 25 January. On 3 February, Regeni's mutilated body was found  at the Cairo-Alexandria highway.

Unprecedentedly, the Prosecution announced that Fawzy was lying as investigations revealed that he was not near the Italian Consulate on 24 January.

According to sources, the prosecution found out Fawzy was lying thanks to his mobile phone that proved did not come near to Downtown Cairo and was in October during the alleged fight.

Now, there is something I do not understand.
Who is behind Mr. Mohamed Fawzy?
Who told him to come forward to testify like that !?
He could not have just decided to lie like that alone !!
This can not be a pathetic attempt for attention !!

Why would anybody lie and give a false testimony in a crime like Giulio Regeni's murder !?
Update: Fawzy says that he did it for Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This man already appeared and shared his testimony on TV, on the most Pro-regime TV show earlier this week.

He appeared with Ahmed Moussa on Pro-regime TV channel Sada El-Balad speaking about the case.
Can a witness go and share his testimony on TV in a case like this when the investigations are still conducted legally!?
The false eyewitness speaks share his false testimony
The notorious TV host Moussa, who used to be Ahram Newspaper's ministry of interior correspondent also claimed that the Italian Consulate's CCTV recorded that alleged fight between late Regeni and unknown Italian friend.

The Egyptian ministry of interior said it had no information about that alleged footage.

Moussa also attacked the Italian ambassador in Cairo claiming that the Italian diplomat met with writers and journalists who work against Egypt !!!!!!!
Moussa and his claims 
He even dared to claim that late Giulio Regeni and that friend could be involved in the bombing of the Italian consulate !!!

Who told Moussa to say that !? Who is behind him this time !!
Ahmed Moussa is technically one of the most important Pro-regime TV hosts as well one of the closest TV hosts to the Presidency.

We are speaking about a TV host that travels with the President in most of his tours outside the country.

So why did he host that alleged eye witness and repeat nonsense like that !??
It is a weird thing because the Prosecution is in the opposite direction of Moussa.
Now, there is an active campaign online on social media against TV host Ahmed Moussa. The campaign is called "#Stop_Ahmed_Moussa" in Arabic.
On the other hand, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi believes that there is some sort of conspiracy against Egypt because it wages war against terrorism and radicalism and so the Russian plane crashed and Regeni was killed.

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