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And Italy is officially warning Egypt over Regeni's probe "Updated"

Italy warned Egypt officially that it would not accept anything except the truth when it comes to Giulio Regeni's murder on Tuesday in the first Italian angry official reaction from its kind.

Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni told the Italian Senate that Italy was prepared to take
Late Giulio Regeni
"immediate and proportional measures" against Egypt if the Egyptian government does not reveal the whole truth , nothing but the truth about the brutal torture and death of the 28-years-old Italian political research earlier this year.

That warning came hours before a delegation from Egyptian officials head to Rome to share with their Italian counterparts the investigations in Regeni's file or rather a very big dossier about the murder case.

That delegation should have arrived Rome on Tuesday but it postponed the visit later this week because there is allegedly conflict between the General Prosecution and the Egyptian police on who should lead the delegation and what to present to the Italians according to what an anonymous source told AP on Tuesday.

The Egyptian delegation will include two members of Egypt's general prosecution and three police officials.

Gentilone stated that meeting between Egyptian and Italian officials would be "decisive".
It is worth to mention that Paola Regeni, the mother of the late PhD student warned the Egyptian government as well threatening it to release a photo of her son in the morgue if it "the Egyptian government" fails to reveal the truth.

Interestingly , the Italian foreign minister said at the Italian Senate that the Egyptian authorities had not provided full information to date to the Italian investigators including documentation concerning Regeni's cell phone use and the CCTV from where he was believed to be kidnapped.

Giulio Regeni was last seen in Dokki on 25 January 2016 when he was on his way to take the Metro to Tahrir square where he was going to meet a friend.

The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs refrained to comment on the Italian foreign minister because of the long relations between the two countries.

In response to Diplomatic Editors' questions about Egypt’s comments regarding the statements made by Italy’s Foreign...
Posted by Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It is actually complicated

Now , there are lots of theories in Egypt about who really killed Regeni. Those theories show how much it is complicated.
It is not a secret that the unofficial primary suspect in the case is the Egyptian security authorities aka Ministry of interior aka police.

Due to its long record of torture and forcible disappearance as well other facts including how Regeni was working on the file of unions in Egypt , the Egyptian police comes on the top of the usual suspects

The unbelievable stories of that lying eyewitness and the gang whose alleged members were all killed made it worse of the ministry of interior despite its constant claims that it did not arrest Giulio Regeni.

Sadly enough, only Italian media is speaking about those five Egyptians killed in the gang.
Interestingly in March , we found Pro-regime TV host Rasha Magdy asking about why there was slow steps in the case and her guest , journalist Mohamed Al-Hawary answering frankly that the Egyptian ministry of interior could not find a scapegoat !!
What is worst that both of them laughed !!

We can not find a scapegoat in Regeni's case

The fact that the police investigations in Giulio's case is headed by Khaled Shalaby , the current head of Giza's police investigation made things worse.

Police general Khaled Shalaby was officially convicted in a torture till death case in 2003 where he and other police officers in the case got one year in jail suspended sentence !!!!!

He also got one hell of record according to Egyptian human rights activists, especially in Alexandria.
Egyptians and Italians have not forgotten that Shalaby's first statement about Giulio's cause of death was a hit and run accident.

Some Italian newspapers began to accuse Shalaby of killing Giulio Regeni.
Shalaby's name is among the most googled people in Egypt right.
The word in the block now that Khaled Shalaby would be the scapegoat.

There are other theories in Cairo that other security apparatuses are implicated in the death of the Italian student and the government does not know what to say because those apparatuses fight each other !!

In an encrypted message , Pro-regime TV host Lamis El-Hadidy said earlier while speaking about Giulio Regeni's case this week that "the fight between the apparatuses" should be on the "Egyptian state dead body". She did not name those apparatuses.

Lamis El-Hadidy to "apparatuses" : stop fighting

Update :

In the biggest comeback of all times, Conspiracy theorist and former Police officer Omar Afify  made headlines in Egypt as he gets involved in Giulio Regeni's murder.
Italian newspaper La Repubblica published a very interesting report saying that it received an anonymous email in Arabic about new information.
Allegedly the email claims that the military intelligence and the presidency as well National security are involved in the murder of Regeni. The anonymous email claims that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi knew about the arrest and murder of Regeni.
The Italian newspaper says that it published the email because included very interesting and details about the brutal torture of late Regeni.
I checked those details and it turned out that all of them except one detail were mentioned in previous news reports
There is one single detail mentioned in La Repubblica's report and Afify's post I could not find in any news report about Regeni's autopsy. The part concerning the beatings on his feet. 
Interestingly , that email which is sent to the newspaper allegedly by a security source in Egypt is identical to what former police officer and conspiracy theorist Omar Afify published on his Facebook account on February 6.

كيف ومتي وأين قتلت المخابرات الحربية والأمن الوطني الطالب الأيطالي ريجيني بعد موته من التعذيب ـ والفيصل لتقرير الطبيب ال...

Posted by ‎العقيد/ عمر عفيفي‎ on Friday, February 5, 2016
Currently, US-based Afify is now claiming that he is right and so on
Personally, I have always believed that there is some kind of security apparatus that leaks some times false news and other times information to him from time to time for some unknown reason. 
Pro-regime media is currently attacking him.
Earlier this week , a Facebook post by Egyptian Washington-based journalist Hanan El-Badry about the murder case and the Egyptian delegation went viral madly.

عاجل ............،،،حان وقت الحقيقة.. أثناء حضور فعاليات مناسبات موازية لقمة عقدت في واشنطن مؤخرا صادف وان كان هذا المو...
Posted by Hanan Elbadry on Sunday, April 3, 2016
The former Egyptian State TV correspondent in U.S claimed that she heard from foreign diplomats that the Italians got recorded audio and video evidence including phone calls between policemen in a specific area related to Regeni's case. El-Badry claimed that that evidence led the Italians to possible suspects.
Of course , the Pro-Sisi supporters including public figures have got their own pathetic theories.
Veteran Pro-regime leftist Rafaat El-Saeed of Tagammou party claimed that late Regeni was a spy and he was killed by the Muslim Brotherhood members !!

Another wild theory that found its way among the Pro-Sisi supporters on twitter on Tuesday was that Italy was trying to have concession from Egypt especially in Libya and that is why they are using Regeni's murder as a pressure tool !!

Updated :

he Pro-Sisi supporters launched hashtag "#We_trust_Egyptian_foreign_ministry" to show solidarity with the Egyptian MOFA against Italy !! Yes , after being Egypt's BFF , Italy is now blacklisted Western country conspircing against Egypt !!!!!

The Pro-Sisi supporters are repeating rumors that Giulio Regeni was a spy and that he was killed by the British intelligence quoting an old article by Italian La Stampa , which by its turn quoted an Italian parliamentarian.

Regeni's family and Italian government denied those claims later.

Those supporters do not know that La Stampa published from 5 days a report claiming that the Egyptian minister of foreign affairs Sameh Shoukry allegedly told his U.S counterpart John Kerry that Regeni "meddled in a criminal gang" and took part in some sort of sadomasochistic sex sessions before he was killed !!!!!!

The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs denied that claim earlier Wednesday.

The Pro-Sisi supporters do not understand or realize in other countries, citizens and their lives matter.


  1. The problem is not to find one or dozen scapegoats. The problem is to isolate this patsy from the chain of command and prevent him from dragging the entire chain.
    Admitting the guilt in case of Regeni will generate a snowball effect for hundreds of Egyptian similar cases.

    1. Exactly , the fear of a snowball effect is the problem here.

  2. Egyptian lives matter
    It has to be Snowball Effect one day


    I just saw this ..

  4. Italy should designate Tamarod and the "For the Love of Egypt" as terrorists organizations.


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