Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25 : Another Protests Day in Egypt

First , Happy Sinai Liberation Day and all respect to the martyrs who gave up their lives for the sake of the Sinai Peninsula and Egypt.
The 25 April marks the departure of Israeli forces from Sinai Peninsula in 1982. It is a national holiday.
The photo of the day by Alaa El-Kassass
Pro-Sisi supporter running over a protester
This year it is a bitter celebration.
BY evening, we are speaking about more than 200 protesters detained by security forces across the country in an unforgettable day.
Below, a full recap of the day.
In North Sinai, we got an ongoing war that does not seem to stop anytime soon between the Egyptian security forces and Daesh's affiliated Anser Beit Al-Maqdis.
North Sinai People are paying the heaviest price of that war.
In South Sinai, Sharm El-Sheikh resort is now a ghost resort thanks to the Russian airliner crash and the Western concerns about Egyptian airports security measures.
Also, earlier this month and after 110 years, we found out that Tiran and Sanafir islands in Sinai were given to Saudi Arabia by the Egyptian government without the knowledge of the Egyptian people in some new maritime borders deal.
Now several political movements and parties declared that they are going to protest that decision of the Egyptian government demanding its cancellation.

And everybody is freaking out !!
I do not understand this media hysteria in Egypt for real about 25 April protests as if those protests are going to down the regime !!
The other photo of the day by unknown photographer
Saudi Flag and Sisi photo in Talaat Harb square.
There is ongoing hysteria in TV shows and in newspapers that remind me of that hysteria during the Fifth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution.
The 25 April protests have got a specific demand: The cancellation of the Egyptian-Saudi Deal !!
Now, things got more and more complicated with that ongoing crackdown against political activists in Egypt that started on Saturday.
Not less 100 people have been arrested in the past 4 days from political activists including students and journalists as well apolitical people but for their bloody luck sit at Downtown cafes known to be a hot spot for political activists.
Those political activists are accused of several charges including spreading false news about Tiran and Sanafir as well as attempting to topple the regime.
The security forces closed Sadat Metro station aka Tahrir station as usual.
Anyhow, those arrests did not stop political activists, parties and movements who are planning to protest hours later.
The "Egypt Not for Sale" campaign announced that at 3 PM Cairo local time, there will be three protests at Egyptian Journalists syndication and Doctors syndication in Downtown Cairo and El-Bohoos station in Dokki, Giza.
It is a wise choice for now because Pro-Sisi Future of Homeland Party, which got 51 seats in House of Representatives declared that it was organizing parallel protests all over the country to celebrate Sinai Liberation Day !! This is an open invitation for a clash.
You should read that investigation report by Hossam Bahgat about that party and its role in the parliamentary elections.
The Egyptian armed forces deployed units to protect the state's institutions...etc.
You must know April 6 Youth movement and political activists as well students have been organizing small protests in the ten days throughout the country.
Maybe this is what alarms the regime for real. Youth are back to activism.
Here are live updates from all over the country.


  1. The present Israeli and USA Puppet government of Sissi destroyed the opposition by division between the Islamist and the secularists. But freedom should be given priority first and defense of the homeland. Long live Egypt Revolution!

  2. I trust Hossa Bhagat
    I do not trust Elections in the Arab World


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