Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why so worried about 25 April !?

Thursday night, Egyptian security launched a huge crackdown on political and human rights activists that has not been seen for years.
The crackdown preceded the 25 April protests planned by opposition parties and movements against the Egyptian government decision to hand over Red Sea's Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia.
Malek Adly
Malek Adly by Hossam ElHamalawy 
The day was not chosen randomly as it is the National Day for Sinai liberation.
Not less than 100 people were reportedly arrested from different areas in Cairo and other governorates according to human rights lawyers.
The crackdown continued on Friday and more activists were arrested including Leftist and leading Revolutionary Socialist Haitham Mohamedein.
Mohamedein is currently detained pending investigations for a number of charges including allegedly joining banned group.
It is worth to mention that Revolutionary Socialists group was banned during Mubarak's rule. Still, some lawyers who have been with him say that he is accused of joining the Muslim Brotherhood !!
The crackdown continued and on Saturday and we found out that arrest warrants were issued for leftist renowned human rights lawyer Malek Adly and Nasserist Journalist Amr Badr.
Saturday, lawyers and judicial sources say that arrest warrants were issued for 47 people including public figures for a list of charges including spreading false news about Tiran and Sanafir being Egyptian, attempting to topple the regime and violating the president's work in an act of sovereignty !!!!
How will the Egyptian House of Representatives vote freely on the ratification of that Egyptian-Saudi deal if it seems that one view in only allowed legally in the country !?
Will the security forces arrest MP Haitham El-Hariri for opposing the deal publicly !?
The argument that Tiran and Sanafir islands are Egyptian is officially considered a rumor that can send to you jail !!
Interestingly last Wednesday Shorouk website published a news based on anonymous sources that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi did not want any protests on April 25 demanding the cancellation of that Egyptian-Saudi deal.
The short report added that according to source the president did not approve that "soft" conduct of security forces during the "Land Friday" protests.
It is worth to mention 25 protesters were arrested after the dispersal of the protest and currently detained 15 days pending investigation.
On Thursday, the Egyptian Presidency issued  a statement denying and denouncing what Shorouk newspaper published.

And in no time, Shorouk removed the news from its official website and issued an official apology.
Of course , there is a cached version of the news that still indexed in Google servers.
Well, that Shorouk rumor seems to be confirmed after all thanks to that madness we are witnessing !!
I d not understand that hysteria about the upcoming 25 April protests.
The Pro-Sisi media is acting as he is going to be toppled when the people want for real is the cancellation of that deal !! Seriously, it is about the two islands only !!!
Personally , I believe no one will go to protest on 25 April after that crackdown because all lawyers and parties are running after their members in police stations !!
I just knew it when the name Tiran appeared in the news , we are going to pay a heavy price to return it back !!


  1. Tiran is not only an island in the Red Sea. As a symbol, it is used as a chance to mobilize and vent resentment to oppression and tyranny. As a national cause, it unifies the ground between different groups. However, it is an issue with intellectual flavor in debating historical and international legalities.

    The passing of April 25 with tanks lined in the streets of Egypt will advance anger and resentment. When the critical mass of popular anger is reached, an exposition link January 1977 will happen. No need for a national cause, any triggering event will suffice.

  2. A fake report in (Hangover) program is cited as evidence about Tiran in several news outlets! This is a scandal with mega proportions.
    Can any one explain to these media outlets the meaning of Handover in Arabic?
    Please don’t tell them that the president Sunday speech is considered a (Happy Hour).


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