Saturday, May 7, 2016

1000 Days passed since Rabaa sit-in dispersal and Shawkan is still in detention.

Yes , 1000 days have passed since Rabaa sit-in dispersal or Massacre to be precise in August 2013 on Saturday, the massacre that turned Egypt forever, unfortunately.
People are allowed to remember the worst sit-in dispersal in the history of Egypt on the social media for the time being sharing sad photos and videos from that day.
The curse of that day is still haunting us down.
1000 days have passed and there are still innocent people who are still detained since that day above them Egyptian Freelancer Photographer Mahmoud Abu Zeid aka Shawkan.
Shawkan in court by Momen Samir
The latest photo from Shawkan at court on 23 April
by Momen Samir. 
Up till this day , Shawkan is still in detention pending trial.
Shawkan and over 400 other men are currently standing trial known in the media as "Rabaa dispersal".
Shawkan and others are facing a number of charges including incitement to kill police officers.
The young photographer who is suffering from Hepatitis C was covering the sit-in dispersal as a freelance photographer who was working with DEMOTIX agency during then.
He will have another trial session next 10 May.
Here is a short video report made by Daily News Egypt about Shawkan in English.

I have just read earlier online those lines and actually they described the situation perfectly after Rabaa.
Aside from those killed there , the survivors died on that day there , those who rejected the forcible dispersal died also on that day and those who supported the dispersal also died from inside on that day. 
It is a dark moment in our time by all measures, if not the darkest. May God forgive us all.

Rabaa Massacre
By Mosa'ab El-Shamy from Rabaa sit-in during the dispersal and afterwards 


  1. You are a MB apologist by lamenting the liberation of the national territory they were occupying from June 30 to August 14 2013, liberation we owe to the patriotic soldiers and security forces that did not allow these terrorists to drag us back to the seventh century.

    You voted to deliver the country to Morsy as well.

    1. Go back to Saudi Arabia and stop bothering Egypt, Salafist. There is no patriotism in fascist terrorism.

    2. Judging by your pro-Sisi comments and mentioning of the seventh century, you are a Wahhabi, not a Muslim.

  2. It was inhuman.
    The criminals are in power,
    Sad as one result of the Revolution.

  3. Anon 05:42:00 AM calls a public square (Rabaa) a ‘national territory’!!
    So what do you call Tiran and Sanafir? An intersection or a bus stop? Would you march the forces to liberate these islands from the Saudis?

    Many citizens opposed Morsy/MB domination and squandering the chance to create a national coalition, yet they also condone the massacre on human and political grounds.

    A word about the ‘patriotic soldiers’. These poor conscripts in mandatory service are used as slave labor in construction projects or in domestic shores defined by their officers. Once the military service is over, they join the army of unemployed youth. If one would find a labor smuggler, he might end up a hostage in Libya or a floating body in the Mediterranean. Check the facts not the empty propaganda.


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