Friday, May 6, 2016

The Tiran and Sanafir Crackdown continues

The crackdown against activists and lawyers opposing the Egyptian government to give up Red Sea Tiran and Sanafir isles to Saudi Arabia continued early Friday.
Malek Adly and his baby Bahia 
In the early of the morning, we found out that security forces arrested prominent Human rights lawyer Malek Adly and 6 April Youth Movement leading member Zizo Abdu in Cairo.
Malek Adly, the prominent leftist Human rights lawyer and the member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party was arrested and referred to the Prosecution which interrogated him at 3 AM till 7 AM according to lawyers.
According to lawyers , he and Zizo Abdu were beaten during their arrest.
He is detaining 15 days pending investigations for 6 charges including attempting to topple the regime, obstruct the constitution and spreading false news aka rumors aka Tiran and Sanafir are Egyptian territories.
Malek Adly and a group of other lawyers already were challenging the Egyptian government to stop the deal in front of the court using all the documents and evidence that the two isles are Egyptian.
Adly already stated once on Facebook that he would hand himself into the police after the court session of the case on 17 May.
I hope the week passes without more arrests among the lawyers !!!
An arrest warrant was already issued to arrest Adly during the crackdown against lawyers and activists before the 25 April protests.
Adly is from Egypt's top human rights lawyers and defenders. His work does not focus on political freedoms and human rights only.

His work also included social right and cultural rights.
Zizo Abdou by Ahmed
Gamal Ziada 
I think it is beyond the two islands issue when it comes to Adly for the regime. It is like the regime has found the perfect moment from its own point of view.
This is a huge blow without doubt to the human rights lawyers Egypt.
After his arrest, Malek Adly's Social media accounts were closed by his wife as a precautionary procedure.
Zizo Abdu , who was from the remaining April 6 Youth Movement leading members out of detention is also detained 15 days pending investigation.

This is getting more than ridiculous.
I think the number of the detainees attested because of Tiran and Sanafir increased now.
On Sunday, Egypt's House of Representatives is going to start discussing the Egyptian Saudi deal.
Of course, I do not have any hopes all because after all I found in the past few days , the head of the National security committee, a former army general Kamel Amar that the isles are Saudi already.
Interestingly , Russia Today's Correspondent Ahmed Al-Ashkar said that he was told by an unnamed financial analyst that Saudi Arabia was holding all its investments and deposits at Egypt's Central Bank till the House of Representatives approves the maritime borders agreement.


  1. Baby Bahia is adorable, thanks for sharing the photo. She will have a lot to overcome yet the future is on her side.

    The frequent repetition in speeches of ‘not being afraid’ is actually a proof of the opposite. The insane crackdown on vocal citizens is burning the last bridges to internal civil discourse. Externally the bills are mounting to the Saudis, the Italians, the French, the Russians, the Israelis among others.

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