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Monday, June 27, 2016

TV host Liliane Daoud detained, to be deported !!! "Updated"

After hours of announcing that she ended her contract with ONTV , Lebanese TV Liliane Daoud host was arrested from house in front of her little girl and is currently detained to be deported from Egypt.
According to her lawyer and Zyad El-elaimy , 8 men claiming to be from "Passports investigations" raided her house arresting her in order to be deported.
They did not let her contact anyone.
Daoud had to leave her girl at her house where she was taken somewhere 
It is unclear where or why she is detained.

Aside from all the politics, Liliane is a mother of an Egyptian girl and has got residence permit.
She is not a foreigner whose residence permit will expire as soon as she leaves her job in an Egyptian company !!!

Sources in General Prosecution told journalist Alwaleed Ismail that no arrest warrant had been issued for her.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.21"

Poor Prince Hassan is now facing , he has to marry Princess Darkar. He also has got his Solomon seal to retrieve as soon as possible to return back to his kingdom.
Tonight we will know the fate of Hassan and his father in the 21st episode of our tale this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his son Hassan.
You can find after the break the 782nd of the Egyptian State Radio's famous and popular "One Thousand and one night" show

Saturday, June 25, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.20"

And Prince Hassan has got to fight a lion now for his father's life and his own life as well to be able marry Princess Darkar of El-Salam island.
Tonight , we will know in the 20th episode of King Rokn El-Zaman's tale if Prince Hassan is able to fight a lion with nothing except a spear.
You can find after the break the 781st episode of Egyptian State Radio's famous show "One Thousand and one night".

Throwback World Refugees Day : Little Damascus street in October City

Location 6th of October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Earlier this week , the world celebrated  the World Refugees Day and on Friday the World woke up to the news that the people in the UK voted to leave and the refugees played a role in the decision that is turning Europe and the world upside down.
I will seize those opportunities to share my photos as well my short trip to that Little Damascus street in October city in Giza in March.
I went to one of the famous Syrian streets in October city for a work assignment, where a huge flourishing Syrian community is located since 2012.
In the suburbs of Giza governorates, October city has been a perfect location for Syrians just like Iraqis before them.
Already Syrians there told me that they found every kind of residence and rent that suit all classes. You will find villas in gated compounds for rich Syrians as well affordable rents for working-class Syrians.
Same thing for schools , from international expensive schools to the public schools where Syrian students are treated like Egyptians as Special Syrian schools made by Syrian associations in Egypt for young Syrians students.
When I tried to reach that street in October city , a Young Syrian man standing in another street gave me directions.
Located behind October University and Al-Hosary Mosque , that Syrians street is the most famous among the streets of October city owned by Syrians.
The  street is actually a passageway between building complex known in the area as "Al-Amerika" {The American} Building.
 Locals call it "Al-Amerika Mall"

Inside the Syrians street
The Syrians street in October city 
It is located behind El-Hossary Mosque which has been a hot spot for Syrian refugees since 2012 as its charity association provide help to them.
Only four shops and cafes are reportedly owned by Egyptians throughout the Passageway full of Syrian restaurants selling popular food at affordable prices , cafes , barbershop and even mobile phones shops.

Friday, June 24, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.19"

And suddenly King Rokn Hassan and his son Prince Hassan are facing death after King Zardarkhan decided that they were spies and they should be killed.
Tonight we will know their fate in the 19th episode of our tale this Ramadan , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
Here is the 681st episode of the famous One thousand and one night Radio show written by renowned author Abbas Al-Aswani after the break.

Seen in Cairo : More Ramadan lanterns

Location El-Sayeda Zainab, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Ramadan Lanterns

Only ten days are remaining and the Holy month of Ramadan of 2016 will be over so it is a perfect time to share more and more Egyptian traditional Ramadan lanterns.
Here is another photo from El-Sayida Zeinab Ramadan Market in Islamic Cairo where Egyptian traditional Ramadan Lanterns are sold in every shape and color.

Source : Instagram 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.18"

Prince Hassan and his father Rokn El-Zaman are captured by the islanders who they did not know that they live on El-Salam island.
More trouble coming to the hero of our tale this year , King Rokn El-Zaman and his father in the 18th episode.
Here is the 680th episode of the famous Egyptian State Radio Show "One Thousand and One Nights" produced in the late 1960s after the break.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.17"

And Vizier Samsem did not lose hope in finding a way to make Safwan the official king in a way or another after knowing that it won't be easy thing according to the Kingdom's Chief Judge.
In the 17th episode of our tale this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman we know also the fate of poor Farkuk and his beloved Farfash.
Here is the 679th episode of the famous Egyptian State Radio show "One Thousand and one nights" created by one of the legendary Egyptian Radio founding fathers Mohamed Shaaban "Baba Sharo" after the break.

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