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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.19 and 20 ”

Nour lost it completely and is back speaking about his beloved Mermaid. His wife, princess Dalal decided to stay and support her ill husband. Yasmine has just disappeared.
All that happened in our tale for this Ramadan , the tale of the Cursed Lady’s Wall. Tonight there will be a double bill episodes.

Nour and his princess bride reach the city of Gor where the people have been anxious to see and his princess bride. For the people’s shock, they find the young groom chained in a stretcher and carried to his father’s palace. Sheikh Mansour already ordered that his son to be chained in order to protect it from any suicidal thoughts.

Dummies guide to what happened in Sheikh Zuweid : The Aftermath

Wednesday was saved for really thanks to the Egyptian air forces which gave IS militants in Sinai one hell of an unforgettable night or rather lesson for real. This is post is the second one about what happened in Sheikh Zuweid. There are lots of stuff that happened and are happening that need to be read again and again and to be talked about again and again because what happened is alarming

Sheikh Zuweid trapped in the crossfire

Now here is quick info about the city of Sheikh Zuweid which found itself in the heart of a crossfire it was not ready for by any means.
Located between the cities of Al-Arish  and Rafah , the city is inhibited by not less than 60,000 people according to Wikipedia. I tried to search in the Central Agency for public Mobilization and Statistics “CAPMAS” but I failed to get the simple info I am seeking about the total population in its new shiny website. So yes , one was worried things would escalate dramatically and the Egyptian air forces “EAF” would unleash the hell to stop IS militants from putting their black flag on Sheikh Zuweid police station at any cost.
At least 4 civilians were killed in the attack last Wednesday. There were also reports at least two civilians including a senior citizen were killed by the ABM militants on Wednesday because they did not let them use their homes and rooftops.
Sheikh Zuweid on map
The city needs aid now urgent according to Sheikh Zuweid and veteran Sinai correspondent Mostafa Singer , an urgent aid in everything whether medical supplies or food supplies. Already on Friday, militants bombed the electricity station in the city killing two workers at the station and forcing it to go into darkness.
According to Singer and other locals reporting from Sheikh Zuweid , the electricity company workers are another unsung heroes in the city along with doctors and paramedics.
A photo from the city by Ayman Mohsen after the clashes
Many of its local residents are leaving their houses and the cities moving to Al-Arish to escape that on-going war between the army and militants , just like their brothers in Rafah who were forced to evacuate their homes as part of that security plan.
Nevertheless,  some people in the city refuse to leave especially from the elderly as well youth.

Monday, July 6, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.18”

Nour is wondering once again about his beloved Mermaid while he is married officially to Princess Dalal and Sheikh Mansour is angry that his son is back to his madness and would embarrass him in front of his bride princess. Meanwhile Yasmine, our little mermaid just disappeared. All that happened in our Cursed Lady’s Wall. Tonight we continue our tale for the 18th night in Ramadan.
By Anne Anderson

Nour is now awake after a horrible nightmare, screaming for his beloved mermaid. He tells his Mermaid but he can not find her anywhere. He reveals to his father his nightmare. He saw himself throwing away the Sea Mermaid. He also tells him that he only married the princess to please him.

He insists  that what happened to him was real and he was not imagining stuff. He goes then searching for Yasmine whom he understood at last that she was his mermaid.

Princess Dalal knew the truth from her maid.

She tells Sheikh Mansour that she wants to return back home and the old man convinces her that she should stick to her sick husband who had a tough experience in the sea from a couple of weeks ago.

Yasmine, our little mermaid has disappeared and no one knows what happened to her.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.16,17”

And Nour is going to marry the princess while his beloved mermaid is besides but she can not speak and he can not recognize her in one of the most silliest ironies ever.
We continue our Cursed Lady’s Wall tale here

Nour is heading to the Gemstones isles to marry the princess. He brought with him Yasmine in the trip. His father is concerned but what the king and princess say if they see Yasmine and his son girl , she will die the next day”.

Nour asks her if she loves him and she kissed his hand to show how much she loved him. Nour tells her that he loves the mermaid and if it were for him, he would not get married anyone except the mermaid.
reminded him that he adopted her. Yasmine or rather the Seas Mermaid cries day and night because she remembered what the old sea witch told her “If Nour marries another
They arrived the Island.
Princess Dalal is a bit a jealous from that beautiful girl accompanying Nour everywhere.
The King asks Sheikh Mansour  about her and Nour tells him that she is his sister. The king asks her hand for his nephew who saw her and was fascinated by her beauty. Nour tells them that she can not marry the prince because she was already married.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.14,15”

We are back to our Ramadan Arabian Nights. I had to stop last Wednesday the episodes to mourn the Egyptian soldiers and civilians who were killed by IS militants in North Sinai on Wednesday and nobody cared to mourn them for real. I thought the least thing I can do here is to show some respect for their souls.
Now we are back to our tale , the tale of the cursed lady’s wall. We stopped at the story of our little Mermaid who gave up her sea life and voice to find her love Nour on land. We will complete from here with two episodes.

The Seas Mermaid is now semi-adopted by Sheikh Mansour who named her Yasmine. His wife loves her as a daughter. Nour considers her as a sister but he can’t deny that he is attracted to her due to her resemblances to his beloved Mermaid.
Sheikh Mansour seeks help from the Grand priest in the city in order to see a solution for his son, Nour who has gone mad for the mermaid.
 Sheikh Mansour wants him to marry Princess Dalal but his son insists that he would marry his beloved Mermaid. Mansour also believed that Nour’s condition improved after Yasmine’s arrival.
Zohara treats her like daughter. Nour treats her like a
The Grand priest then suggests that Nour would marry Yasmine as well Princess Dalal. Sheikh Mansour agrees and decides to speak with his son about that suggestion. At dinner , the father asks the son whether he loves the mute girl or not and the son says that he does not know if he loves or not or even if he loves her for herself or because she reminds him with his beloved Mermaid. While the father and son are speaking , Yasmine/Seas Mermaid makes a sign that she wants to write down something. The Mansours now found a way to communicate with Yasmine and they may know finally who she is.
To another night

Dummies guide to What happened in Sheikh Zuweid “That Wednesday”

Last Wednesday North Sinai witnessed a true battle if I may say between the Egyptian armed forces and the IS-affiliated Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis “ABM” for several hours. It was indeed the longest battle North Sinai specifically the city of Sheikh Zuweid has seen since decades if I am not mistaken.
I covered it for my work back in Cairo and I think it was better to wait at least 48 hours to write about it here so things could be clearer.
This is the first part of my posts about the Battle of Sheikh Zuweid.

The facts we have got:

  • Early Wednesday morning , at 8:06 AM Sky News Arabia TV channel reported on twitter that 5 security checkpoints were attacked.
    Sheikh Zuweid police station
  • At 8.59 AM, Sky News Arabia reported that not less ten army personnel were killed and injured in attack of a bombed car at one of the checkpoints in Sinai.After that by nearly 15 minutes the news channel reported that 30 military personnel were killed and injured in an attack on two checkpoints.
  • Nearly 25 minutes later, the channel quotes an official source that more than 30 military personnel were injured and killed in an attack on two checkpoints in North Sinai.
  • At the same time , Pro-Regime Al-Watan published news on its website that the El-Rafaei military checkpoint was wiped out completely and all its soldiers and officers were killed according to Sky News Arabia. I have not seen that news on Sky News Arabia’s different twitter accounts to be honest.
  • At 9: 45 AM , Sky News Arabia reported on twitter that not less than 60 Egyptian military were killed. The number was shocking and unprecedented. Almost all newspapers and websites like Tahrir website took the news from Sky News Arabia. The Emirates-based news network proved to be trustworthy when it comes to military news in Egypt as well news from Sinai. The channel itself is close to the regime and to the army so everybody took the news without a second thought. At the same international News wires services began to speak about not less 30 security casualties above them Reuters and its Cairo-based Aswat Masriya website.
  • At 9:56 AM, the official Egyptian armed forces spokesperson Brigadier General Mohamed Samir issued that short statement on his official Facebook page.

صباح اليوم الموافق 1 / 7 /2015 ... قام عدد من العناصر الإرهاببية [تشير المعلومات الأولية أنها تقدر بحوالى (70) عنصر إرها...
Posted by ‎الصفحة الرسمية للمتحدث العسكري للقوات المسلحة‎ on Wednesday, July 1, 2015
“In the early hours of 1/7/2015 a group of terrorists “Initial information estimates with 70 terrorists” launched a concurrent attacks on five checkpoints.Out troops fought back immediately the terrorists and killed from them 22 and destroyed three {Land cruiser} carrying anti-craft missiles. Ten of the armed forces brave men have been injured and killed so far. Our troops are still chasing the terrorists and sweeping the areas around the checkpoints. The clashes are still go on.”
  • As the news became viral, the Islamic State-affiliated Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis or as it is known now “Waliyat Sinai” issued a statement on Social media networks claiming responsibility of the attacks in what I considered the fastest issued by the Sinai-based terrorist group. It usually took days if not weeks when that militant group issues a statement. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 02, 2015 at 12:05PM

Thursday's newspapers in #Egypt after the Islamic state's attack on Egyptian armed forces in North Sinia. #Citizenjournalism #Blogger July 02, 2015 at 12:05PM via Instagram

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.13”

Tonight our tale , the tale of the Cursed lady’s wall is getting more and more interesting especially we know that Seas Mermaid wants to reach her human lover , Nour at any cost.
I will leave you to listen it.