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Saturday, February 13, 2016

When Egypt's Doctors broke the protest law in the heart of Cairo

I think we can safely say that on Friday 12 February 2016 the infamous protest law was killed publicly in downtown Cairo thanks to Egypt's doctors.It is an unforgettable day.
Thousands of Egyptians doctors flocked to Dar El-Hekima aka Egypt's Doctors syndicate in downtown Cairo to attend the urgent meeting of the syndicate's General assembly to take action and to protest the constant attacks against doctors in hospitals by police personnel in particular following the assault on doctors at Mataria educational hospital.
Outside the syndicate early Friday, doctors and activists also protested
in solidarity for detained doctors. "By Sabry Khaled" 
The General assembly meeting needs at least 1000 members normally, to be held legally. Surprisingly over 10,000 doctors showed up blocking streets in Kasr Al-Aini.It was the most crowded General assembly in the history of the syndicate. It was a protest with all the anti-police chants , unauthorized protest but the doctors did not care.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Talk to me about corruption in Egypt in time of Mubarak

This very important news or rather saga that came at the same of the fifth anniversary of the 25 January and it is a reminder to all of us on why the revolution happened in Egypt on 25 January, the national day of police in Egypt.
On 28 January 2016, we found news spreading throughout the news websites that the state restored back LE 178 Million in the ministry of interior corruption scandal that goes back to 2011.
The news goes like that: The public fund prosecution lifted 80 names of state officials from the travel ban list after returning back LE 178 Million back to the state. The state officials in that list are mostly from the ministry of interior in Mubarak's time.
In statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm that to be denied later, the investigative judge assigned to the case stated that those 80 officials returned back the LE 178 million after proving that they got it legally as "Rewards and bonuses" and that there was no criminal evidence against them.
Okay if they were legal "rewards and bounces", why would they return back !?
You must know that in the original case that is resurfacing in a very unexpected time speaks about state officials working in the ministries of finance, transportation, interior and the Accountability State Authority "ASA" who are accused of their influence to acquire gains amounting to LE 1 billion illegally during the time of Mubarak.
Anyhow from those former state officials, there are 73 officials from the ministry of interior alone. 17 names stand out above them the former minister of interior Habib El-Adly.
Among other names we got the following:
  • Former high state security police general Mohsen El-Faham returned to the state LE 37,540,313. El-Faham who is related to late Omar Suleiman is currently the leader of a new Pro-regime /Pro-Military party called "The Homeland's Guardian" which got 17 seats in the House of Representatives. An anti-25 January revolution advocate, El-Faham claims that he got all that money as bounces !!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016 at 12:00AM

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Remembering the Zamalek UWK Massacre and the quest for justice

Just after a week from the Ultras Ahlawy's commemoration to the fourth anniversary of Port Said stadium massacre , Zamalek Sports club's  Ultras White Knights {UWK}  "commemorated the first anniversary of the UWK massacre or as known as the Air Defense Stadium massacre in Cairo.
UWK's commemoration to the Air Defense stadium tonight at Fustat Park
"Mohamed El-Ra3y"
From a year ago, Twenty Zamalek fans were killed in a stampede at the Air Defense stadium in an evil scheme planned by none other than the Zamalek SC notorious chairman Mortada Mansour according to the UWK.

Just like UA07, UWK07 matured politically and knowing that it could not stand against Mortada Mansour or the ministry of interior, it decided to play by the law.

The group would not take any chances especially the current head of Human Rights committee in Egypt's House of Representatives aka Mortada Mansour warned of coming near to Zamalek Club as the Club's guards would use their "live ammunition" weapons against them !!

I believe Mansour went mad after finding out that on 6 February the UWK hung on the gates of Zamalek club that banner saying "Mortada is a murderer, we want him".

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Paying Respect to Giulio Regeni

And Giulio Regeni returned back to Italy Saturday afternoon.
Italy will have its own autopsy. The Egyptian National Forensics authority declared that it would finish Regeni's autopsy by the end of February !!!!!
I do not need to guess that the Italian government will finish Regini's autopsy in a week or something !!
His hometown "Fiumicello", a small village in north-eastern Italy." declared a national mourning.
The Egyptian ministry of interior is denying that it declared officially that the 28-years old researcher was killed in hit and run despite the fact that the head of Giza security directorate was the one who told Pro-regime Youm 7 news website that Thursday morning.
Earlier Saturday afternoon, dozens of Egyptians as well Italians in Egypt paid respect to Giulio Regeni at the Italian embassy in Cairo as his body departed Egypt to make on final trip back home to Italy.

Flowers and candles at the Italian embassy in Cairo "The Januarians"

The Italian embassy in Cairo Saturday afternoon

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The night I have seen Orion's belt in the Sky

I think I was a very lucky girl when I recieved that notification from Star Walk app that I should not miss that rare visible 5 planets line-up in the sky. I went to the balcony in that cold weather to see those planets and to my surprise I saw a very starry sky in the middle of Giza city with all the street lights on.

A starry night in the city

I took a couple of photos and to my luck for the first time , I saw the legendary Orion's belt visible and crystal clear in the sky.

Already it turned out that it is visiable in the Northern winter and Southern summer starting from January.

Orion's belt

I did not see the 5 planets , already they are visible 80 minutes before sunrise and technically I will be sleeping in bed in that time but I am happy to see the Orion's belt and the sky full of stars like that in the big city.

Orion's belt in the Orion's constellation played a role in the Egyptian mythedology.

Needless to say , Orion's belt is famously connected to Egypt now thanks to the Orion Correlation theory promoted by ancient alien theorist Robert Bauval and History Channel's show "Ancient aliens".

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