Wednesday, April 8, 2020

50 years on Israel’s War Crime in Bahr el Baqar : Never forget

Wednesday 8 April 2020 marked the 50 anniversary of the Bahr el-Baqar school massacre.

In case you do not know what it is then let me tell you what happened 50 years ago.

On 8 April 1970, Israeli Air Forces bombed a Primary school in a small Sharkia governorate village called Bahr El-Baqar aka “Cows’ Sea” killing 46 Children and injuring over 50 others.

An IAF Phantom Fighter struck the single-floored three classrooms school at 9:20 am with five bombs and two air-to-ground missiles as part of its response to the war of attrition launched by Egypt.

There were 150 children in that poor school then.

Bahr el-Baqar school massacre in Egypt 1970 by Israel
From Ahram's archives, the shoes of the students at Bahr
El-Baquar school 
Colourized by Abdel Latif El-Tahan "My Heritage"

Interestingly, all the targets of Egypt during the war of attrition were military and never reached that civilian depth. 

Israeli officials said that they thought it was a military building and their war criminal defence minister then Moshe Dayan claimed that maybe the Nasser regime planted a school inside a military base !!

Here is a video produced by the Egyptian government from Modern Egypt’s Memory Project

In the end, they admitted it was a “human error”.

A “human error” that killed children in school but according to my knowledge, I do not remember reading that there was an official apology to the citizens of the village or the Egyptians themselves.

I do not remember reading that there was even a proper world condemnation considering the fact it is a war crime.

Israel has got away with that war crime like other war crimes it had gone with it since its army was just a bunch of Zionist gangs branded as terrorists by the British mandate.

an injured student from Bahr El-Baquar school at the hospital
From Ahram's archives, an injured student from Bahr
El-Baquar School at the hospital
Colourized by Abdel Latif El-Tahan "My Heritage"

Bahr el-Baqar went from a small unknown village to a symbol.

It shocked Egyptian society and the shock was translated into sincere pieces of art whether music or paintings.

Egyptian legendary Diva Shadia sang “ The class is over”.  

 It is probably one of the most important patriotic, sad and sincere songs she has ever presented.

Its lyrics were written by Egypt’s famous poet Salah Jahin and its music was composed by Sayed Mekawy

Only on Wednesday thanks to the amazing Reem Khorshid, I was introduced to that painting by late abstract Pioneer Egyptian painter Menhat Allah Helmy and her amazing painting in 1971 dedicated to the children of Bahr Baqar.

Sadly after 50 years, high-level officials in Egypt did not remember this sad event and decided to commemorate it by putting a bunch of flowers on the Memorial at the village. They will claim that it was because of Coronavirus. Well, a little statement would not have hurt.  

Only the mayor of the district that the village follows in the governorate commemorated it.

Various European countries were invaded by Germany during WWII and now they have excellent relations with it even on the popular level which Israel knows it may never reach with its neighbours.

Now those European countries commemorate the victims of the Nazi invasion openly and proudly.

Never again is a big myth in this world.

More about the Bahr el-Baqar massacre and its people here from Ahram Online.


  1. Jews need their own place to protect then from people like you. Don't attack, you won't get bombs. The list of apologies from Arabs for atrocities is NON EXISTENT.
    Religion of Peace..

    1. Do you know where is Eastern, or how far away it was from the war zones at that time, or in the first place, you have the right to occupy Sinai to defend it, and also you do not have the right to Palestine, the Golan, or areas in northern Lebanon, and even this can never justify the attack.

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