Sunday, May 29, 2016

Just treat the Tiran and Sanafir released protesters like Ahmed Ezz , please !!

On Tuesday , a Giza court of appeals overturned the five years jail sentence for 47 people for participation in the 25 April protests against the Egyptian decision to give up Red Sea Tiran and Sanafir isles to Saudi Arabia.
Still the court upheld an LE 100,000 "USD 10,000" fine for each defendant.
And according to the Egyptian law , if the defendants will spend three months in jail. Already those 47 spent one month in Pre-trial and so they will have to spend two months in custody if they do not pay the fine.
The month in jail in Egypt is equal to 22 days if I am not mistaken .
It is worth to mention that the court has not acquitted the protesters of illegal protesting charge , it only overturned the jail sentence and upheld the fine.
Now LE 100,000 is one hell of a big sum of money for many families among the 47. We are speaking about LE 4,700,000.
The defendants lawyers in the case presented on Wednesday a request to the court to reduce the fine from LE 100,000 to LE 10,000 "USD 1000" as it was common.
Usually according to lawyer Tarek Al-Awady who has been in that career for almost 25 years, the court accepts that request and reduces the fine.
Unfortunately, the court rejects that request and insisted on LE 100,000.
When one goes back to the archives , he or she will find that for the court accepted to reduce the monopoly fine of famous steel tycoon from LE 100 million to LE 10 million in November 2014!!
I do not know why the court refused to do this with the 25 April protesters !!! I wish that the court treated them like Ahmed Ezz and reduced the fine.
Already I do not know why they have to pay a fine according to a disputed unconstitutional law !!
I think the message from that LE 100,000 fine court ruling that peaceful protesting has got a very big price in very tough economic days.
Only four people among them my friend Mahmoud Gamal El-Din were able to pay the fine.
Mahmoud Gamal el-Din
Mahmoud and his brother after his released
"Othamn Gamal El-Din's FB account" 
Still there are still 43 people need help to collect the fine, unfortunately.

Other updates related to Tiran and Sanafir cases

Malek Adly
Malek Adly at court last week
Lawyer Malek Adly and journalists Amr Badr and Mahmoud Sakka were once again detained 15
days pending investigation in their case.
They are currently accused of spreading false news and attempt to down the regime.
There is a Facebook page called "Free Malek Adly" demanding his release publishing videos for Pro-25 January public figures and activists demanding his release.
On Sunday , the State commissioners authority of the administrative court fined the State's lawyer LE 200 for not presenting the Text of the Egyptian Saudi Maritime borders redrawing deal as demanded by court.
On the same day, a group of Egyptian activists launched a website dedicated to Tiran and Sanafir isles and its detained protesters.
The website shows the documents that say the two disputed islands are Egyptian.
I wish that there will be an English version from that website. 

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