Friday, June 17, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.12"

And so Prince Hassan starts his trip on the board of a ship owned by Shahbander Rashdan without knowing that evil Vizier Samsem sent his assistant Fatak not only to stalk him but to get rid of him.
Tonight , we will know what Fatak will do with Hassan in the 12th episode of our tale this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman.
You can listen to the 674th episode of the famous Egyptian State Radio Drama show "One thousand and one nights" after the break.

And Prince Hassan is on the board of a ship heading to the unknown as evil Fatak is stalking him.
In a classical One thousand and One Nights plot twist , a huge storm rocks the sea suddenly. Fatak finds a perfect opportunity to get rid of the 17-years-old good prince who did not have any clue on what was going to him.

What makes things worse is how suddenly a huge whale appears under the ship and tries to bring it down.
In Chaos , Fatak pushes Prince Hassan to the sea. The whale then swallows Hassan who finds himself inside a huge big whale.
The people in ship see the prince being swallowed and are shocked except of course Fatak , who is happy that he did what his master had told him to do.
Meanwhile in the Kingdom, his master Samsem gives orders to transfer old Shepherd Salman from his detention at the Palace to the main prison till Fatak returns from his little wicked voyage.
Ironically Salman is sent to the same Prison where King Rokn El-Zaman. As the old Shepherd complains on how he was treated at the Royal Palace , Rokn El-Zaman who is unrecognizable now listens to him carefully.
To the shepherd's surprise , he finds Rokn El-Zaman knows everything about Prince Hassan and Shoms. The King without a throne then asks Salman to stop talking and that they continue their talk when everybody is sleeping when the Shepherd wonders who he was really.
Back to the Royal Palace , Queen Nourhan is concerned on how her husband is absent for two days. The Evil Vizier clams her down.
Tomorrow we will know the fate of Hassan inside the giant whale.
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  1. Hey Zeinobia,

    Could you please list the voice actors?
    Rokn Al Zaman

    I was about to think that Shoms is Iman el Tokhy, but I guess she was too young to be a star in a Radio drama at that time. Also I think there is Hamdy Gheith.

    Needless to say anyone can confirm Schehrazade as Zozo Nabeel.

    Thanks. You can append that to the first episode's article.

    1. I can try find their names. I do not think that Iman el Tokhy was Shoms too , she would be too young in the 1960s


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