Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.3"

And it is the time of Arabian Radio nights tale.
We will continue our Ramadan Radio Arabian Nights tale for this year, the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman tale. To refresh, your memory here is last night's episode.
I am sorry that I am late tonight.
First here is the third episode of our tale , which was exactly the 765th of our tale.

Prince  Safwan and Prince Hassan grew up together as brothers as nobody except very few knew who was the King's true son.
King Rokn El-Zaman was fond of his eldest son Prince Safwan. He wanted to take his 18 years-old crown prince to the Diwan to train him how to rule.
Queen Nourhan felt that Rokn El-Zaman loved Safwan more than Hassan and the King told her that 17-years old Hassan seemed to be introvert.
Arabian nights At the same time , the two brothers were already outside their palace since early morning as Hassan took Safwan to his favorite spot in the desert at some shepherd family.
Hassan told his brother that he loved how the shepherd played the flute but Crown Safwan cared less and returned back to the Palace.

The flute was not the only thing Prince Hassan loved there , he also loved the shepherd's niece Shoms. He even gave her his ring a present.
Shoms's uncle , the old Shepherd did not like that and he warned his niece.
Safwan also did not like how his brother acted and decided to tell his father, King Rokn El-Zaman.
On the other hand , Dahman is still alive and he still gets money from Dada to keep his mouth shut on what he had done from 18 years ago.

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