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Kodak Agfa presents Spring Flowers Show 2016

First of all , I apologize that I am posting this now. It is very belated post as I have should post it in April but then it was one hell of a month.
On the same day I went to the fair in late March , I woke up to find some man hijacked an EgyptAir Flight. 
Still, it is never too late to celebrate Egypt's Spring Flowers show for this year.

Flowerbeds arranged like the flag of Egypt
At the entrance of the Show this year , a company arranged its flowerbeds like
the Egyptian flag. It replaced the color black with purple flowers   
Last year, Egyptian Chronicles proudly presented Egypt's Spring Flowers show 2015 and this year it continued the tradition and it covered Egypt's longest running annual Flowers Show.
On 19 March 2016, minister of agriculture and Giza governor inaugurated the 81st annual Spring Flowers Show in Giza's El-Orman botanical public garden .

Inside El-Orman botanical garden
Inside El-Orman botanical public garden
Comparing to Spring Flowers Show 2015 , I think the exhibition in 2016 was bigger for with more colorful flowers and plants.
It also attracted more visitors than last year judging from what I saw at least on the day in the Middle of the day in the middle of the week.
I saw foreigners and Egyptians , families and singles as well couples from all ages.
True Relationship goals
I did not mean to sneak on that beautiful old couple but they were moving
around with the help of their younger chauffeur buying flowers pots together 
From all backgrounds , they came to enjoy a little breeze and greener view in greater Cairo.
Visitors from all classes and backgrounds
Egyptians from all background were there enjoying a fresh air in the Flowers show 
I saw many Syrians in the Spring Flowers show. I think the Show reminded them with their beautiful country during Spring.

The Egyptian amateur and professional photographers were there like me with all their gear on including tripods and big DSLRs giving no damn to signs saying "No photography allowed"
Checking the flowers photo on the camera LCD
Checking the photo taken on the DSLR LCD in sunny day
People came and took selfies and photos with their mobile phones as well.
Snapping a selfie with Egypt's flag flowerbeds
Snapping a selfie 
According to the official statement of Egypt's ministry of agriculture issued about the show, more than 160 Companies and nurseries participated in the Spring Flowers show 2016.
More colorful flowerbeds in the fair
Each company and nursery showed off its products above them Flowerbeds 
Flowerbeds including Tulip flowerbeds
Flower pots for sale including tulip pots 
Inside the fair
On both sides of that lane in the public garden , flowers showed us what spring means 
There is no estimation of the total number of flowers or plants or pots or flowerbeds shown in this beautiful annual show.
Flowerbeds aisle
Inside one of the partitions in the Flowers show 2016 
Spring time in Giza
It was more cheerful than last year's show 
At one of the fair's partitions
That partition sold flower pots directly to the people 
Colorful Flower pots
Beautiful flower pots full of colorful tiny flowers I ignore their names. 
There were flowers and plants of every shape and kind including those who naturally do not grow in Egypt's hot weather.
Japanese Ikebana at Egypt's Flowers show
Japanese Ikbana pots 
Japanese Bonsai and other type of odd looking small trees
Japanese bonsai tree on the right and other odd looking trees 
Japanese bonsai and other type of small trees
Japanese bonsai and another odd looking small reddish tree
Daisies in every color were so popular in the Show this year.
Purple Daisy
A close up of a purple daisy , I think it is so beautiful
Different kinds of colored daisies
White , orange and mixed colored daisies 
Red , yellow and orange daisies
Yellow , orange and red daisies pots 
Orange Daisy
Orange daisy 
Light pink daisies
Light pink daisies 
Half colored daisies
Mixed colored daisies  
The cacti were there also as we are a desert country.
Cacti flowers
Flowed Cacti at the show 
Cactus Flower
Flowered cactus 
More alien looking cacti
Odd/alien looking Cacti 
Red , Yellow and orange Cacti
Red , Yellow and orange cacti 
This year , Tulips were there beautifully.
Tulips at Egypt's Flowers show
Beautiful tulips 
Popular roses were there with their different beautiful colors.
Red Flower at the fair
A Close look to a red rose 

Red Rose at the Fair
A red rose 

Light pink rose
A light pink rose 
Landscaping companies also showed their products mostly targeting Upper class.

Inside a landscaping company partition
A fountain inside a partition of a landscaping company in the Show 
Blue butterflies for your garden
Nice blue plastic butterflies seem to be the latest trends in garden accessories 
Grass formation
The name of God Almighty "Allah" in Arabic formed on grass at a company specialized
in natural and artificial grass' partition  .  
There were also types of beautiful flowers which I did not know their names but that did not stop me from taking their photographs. 
A type of pink flowers
Beautiful pink flowers whatever their name is 
A flower called Velvet in Egypt
Those flowers are called "Velvet" in Egypt , do not know their real name in English
Purple Flower
beautiful purple flowers
Here is the Spring Flowers show's official Facebook page in Arabic.

Now let's go back to the past and see how important that beautiful Flowers show was in Egypt.
Here is a very photo for King Fouad I inaugurating the Flowers show in the late 1930s.
King Fouad I of Egypt
King Fouad I of Egypt and Sudan inaugurating the Flowers show 
Here are also a couple of Photos of the legendary beauty Princess Fawzia Fouad inaugurating the Flowers show in the late 1940s with her sister Princess Faika Fouad.

Princess Fawzia and her sister Faika Fouad inaugurating Flowers show  in 1940s
Princess Fawzia and her sister Faika Fouad inaugurating Flowers show
in the 1940s "King Farouk's website" 
Princess Fawzia and her sister Faika Fouad inaugurating Flowers show  in 1940s
Princesses Fawzia and Faika at Flowers show 
in the 1940s "King Farouk's website" 
I posted a photo last year from that event.
Here was also the press coverage for the Princesses' visit and you can see the photo of Princess Fawzia colored.
Princess Fawzia Fouad
Princesses Fawzia at Flowers show 
in the 1940s "@So2rate" 
Here was also the cover of the Egyptian Radio magazine's cover in April 1952 covering Princess Faiza's visit to the show.
Princess Faiza of Egypt
Princess Faiza Fouad on the cover of Egyptian Radio
magazine in April 1952 "Hannan Ezzat"
I published in 2015 Akher Saa'a Magazine coverage to that visit.
That was the last time a member of the Royal Family inaugurated the annual Spring Flowers show.
Here is an AP archives video report about the Spring Flowers Show shot in the mid-1990s I think judging from clothes.
Egypt's Spring Flowers Show in 1990s by AP
You can see that El-Omran botanical public garden was much greener and the flowers nurseries were more than the landscaping companies showcasing their products.
Back to 2016 , you can see below the whole photo gallery full of 90 photos taken from Egypt's Spring Flowers show 2016. Just zoom in to enjoy the photos.

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