Egyptian Chronicles: Seen in Cairo : Photos left to remember in Railway station

Monday, July 11, 2016

Seen in Cairo : Photos left to remember in Railway station

Location Cairo Ramses Station, Ramsis Square, Al Fagalah, Al Azbakeyah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Photos left at Ramses railway station

For some unknown reason to me, people leave their photos in Cairo's Ramses railway station aka Misr station model in its famous hall.
Taken on a hurry in May at Egypt's main station , I keep thinking why people leave their personal photos like that and how it started.
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  1. People, and generally creatures, naturedly like to leave traces where they pass. The manifestation of this trace can take various forms of sophistication. Dropping a photo in Misr railway station is less harm than engraving a name and date on a wall or a tree.

    The photo dropping phenomena doesn’t have a deeper meaning, such as ‘love locks’ hooked by couples on bridges allover the world. It is possible to analyze this trend in Ramses station regarding photos' gender, age group, style and other contributing factors. This is a good drama material; the late (Kiarostami, RIP) can make an interesting movie out of this.


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