Saturday, July 9, 2016

Where is Massouny ? A year and 13 days of no answer

On 26 June 2016, a young called a 27-years-old Mostafa Massouny went to buy dinner for him and his friends in Downtown Cairo and never came back since then.
For a year and 13 days , most of the people do not know the fate of that young film editor.
Mostafa Massouny
Mostafa Massouny 
For a year and 13 days , each day passes and people fear the worse.
After his disappearance by couple of months , I remember that his family said that they knew from someone that knew someone in Egypt's Homeland security that he was detained for a couple of days and he would be released.
But days became months and months became a year and there is no trace for Mostafa Massouny officially.
In the first anniversary of his disappearance , Massouny's friends revealed that a dead body for an unknown young man in the same height of Massouny appeared in the morgue from several months ago.
That dead body was found in the Nile allegedly tortured according to Massouny's friends who saw it in the morgue. They could not identify his face because of the decomposition and traces of torture as they say.
Massouny's friends are now attacking the family directly and indirectly for not doing the DNA test to calm them down.  Mostafa Massouny's sister, Omayma stated that she saw a picture of the dead body and it was not her brother. She added in a tweet that for that reason, the family decided not to go forward with the DNA test.
Omayma Massouny also said that the dead body of a man who not tortured but drowned.

Sadly , this answer did not satisfy Massouny's friends who went on with their attack on Facebook , twitter and social media against the family asking them at the same time to do a DNA test.
I do not know but revealing information publicly like how Massouny had a bad relation with his father won't force the family to do the DNA test nor it does mean that they care less about their son.
I admire Massouny's friends' devotion to stand up for his rights all those rights and making sure that we do not forget it.
At the same time, I do not know what is going on with the Massouny's family but I won't attack them because I do not know what they are facing or what they have been through.
They do not speak to the media anymore already as I have noticed.
Massouny's family are not the bad guys here , this is a fact we must bear in our minds.
Massouny disappeared without a trace from a year ago and people stop asking the government about how an Egyptian citizen vanishes like that and are having fights with each other.
Personally , I expressed my concerns about Mostafa Massouny from several months ago.
The only thing we know for sure is that we do not know if Mostafa Massouny is alive or dead.
I think what we can do all now is to pressure more and more to get an answer for that one single simple Question to the government "Where is Massouny !?"

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  1. Where is Massony? ???
    Lost in the Egyptian Forest !!!!!
    Allah swt maaha


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