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MP Sadat may end up outside the Parliament after all

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Youm 7's issue on Wednesday : "Sadat's show" in the Parliament 
On Tuesday, MP Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat resigned from his position as the head of human rights committee in Egypt's House of Representatives.

He resigned after he decided to travel to Geneva to attend some human rights conference without the permission of the Parliament speaker Ali Abdel Aal.

Abdel Aal and Pro-regime MPs are currently accusing some MP "without naming Sadat but we all know that it is Sadat" of filing a complaint against the Egyptian Parliament abroad at some international human rights organization !!!

Speaking freely , Sadat said that he resigned from his position as the head of human rights committee because the Parliament speaker and government did not cooperate with him in doing his job to address the complaints of the citizens about injustice and human rights violations.

Now there is a huge campaign against Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat in the Pro-regime media to the level that I feel that he won't continue as MP.

For the record , his "tension" with Abdel Aal was not something new or because he went Geneva
In July , the veteran parliamentarian stated that Abdel Aal's loyalty to the regime came at the expense of parliament's supervisory powers, especially in human rights.

In late July , there was a famous confrontation between Sadat and Abdel Aal about the pensions of Egyptian military personnel.

The Parliament was discussing a bill to amend some articles related to the Military retirement and pension law.  The amendments stipulate a 10% increase in the pensions of retired military personnel

A dispute erupted when Sadat boldly said after paying huge respect to the army that he was ready to support giving the military personnel an increase more than 10% in the pensions if he just knew their payment and salaries system the army adopted.

The nephew of the late President even continued in breaking that taboo and wondered about whether the "honorable ex-officers" who held civilian positions like CEOs and governors should be given that pension.

ِAbdel Aal stopped him and gave him a lesson on how he should respect the armed forces and the military personnel's sacrifices...etc. Needless to say, the parliament supported the amendments.

El-Sadat is not a radical opposition figure. In fact , you can consider him a centrist supporter of the regime.

He supports President El-Sisi and the Egyptian armed forces but I think he understands the true meaning of parliament. Already , he is a veteran parliamentarian during the days of Mubarak.

I won't lie that such parliament we have nowadays does not need Mohamed Anwar Sadat but rather his late brother , Talaat El-Sadat.

Talaat El-Sadat and his crazy outspoken unpredictable style were much needed in that parliament without a doubt. 

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  1. prof premraj pushpakaran writes -- 2018 marks the 100th birth year of Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat!!!


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