Sunday, August 28, 2016

Human rights Lawyer Malek Adly is released pending investigation "Updated"

It is good to start the day with promising political and human rights news after all.
Earlier Saturday , an Egyptian court upheld the decision to release lawyer and activist Malek Adly rejecting a prosecution appeal on Adly's release.
Malek Adly
Malek and his wife Asmaa with her daughter Bahiya 

On Thursday , a court ordered the release of the famous human rights lawyer Adly pending investigation on a number of charges including incitement of protests, attempting to topple the regime and spreading rumors "about Tiran and Sanafir".

Now, it is 12 :12 AM and up till now , Adly has not been released from his detention and actually, nobody knows where he is according to his wife, activist Asmaa Aly and his lawyer.
There is currently a very active hashtag in Arabic in Egypt called "#Release_Malek_Adly" demanding the authority his release.

Nevertheless, Adly's release is great.

Updated : 1:40 PM 

Malek Adly was released from Shubra El-Kheima police station early Sunday after nearly 24 hours in detention following his release.
He looks so fragile and weak.
Malek Adly
Malek outside the police station with Amr Emam and his wife Asmaa Ali
"Source twitter" 

Malek Adly
Adly outside the police station
"@Tito Tarek" 
He has been in solitary confinement for almost 120 days suffering from bad treatment despite according to the "Prison regulations" law amendments issued by President Sisi in October 2015
stipulating that the solitary confinement should not exceed 30 days !!

It is worth to mention that activist Nourhan Hefzy has been complaining that her husband activist Ahmed Douma has been in solitary confinement for three years with only 2 hours to spend outside his cell. This is just the tip of iceberg when it comes to activists and protesters suffering from solitary confinement

In June , activists launched "#No_to_Solitary_Confinement" hashtag and campaign to highlight this UN-condemned practice but nothing changed.
The hashtag is still active till this day.

Back to Adly, the famous human rights lawyer vowed to continue to fight for the sake of the two red sea isles as well the freedom of the rest of the detainees.

It is worth to mention that the court also decided on Sunday to release journalist Amr Badr pending investigation. Badr was also arrested during the Tiran and Sanafir protests and was accused of inciting on protests and attempting to topple the regime.

Badr and his colleague , journalist Mahmoud El-Sakka were arrested from inside the Journalists syndicate during his sit-in in a very famous incident.

Regarding the Tiran and Sanafir isles' case itself, a very important development happened on Saturday. Egypt's high administrative court accepted the recusal request in the Tiran and Sanafir trial. 

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  1. In age of tyranny, and Kangaroo courts, God-given right of freedom is considered gift from the oppressor!


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