Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall of discontent Redux : The viral videos week "Updated"

Did you see the video of Tuk-tuk driver ? Did you notice how it pissed off all the Pro-regime mainstream media and supporters !?
P.S : The Pro-regime media is still fighting the tuk-tuk driver's video insisting that he is a Muslim Brotherhood member.
Well, guess what ??
The Tuk-tuk driver video was not the only viral video of citizens expressing how much they fed up with the current economic situation.
There are other videos that went viral in the past 48 hours and now we got the "Video revolution" week.

Let's start with that video shared crazily starring a very angry and honest woman.
The video is published by Turkey-based Arab Affairs website. I think it is recorded recently in Alexandria as this lady used the Alexandrian term to describe her purse .
This video has been top trending on Youtube in Egypt as well in other Arab countries especially in Gulf.

A lady complains about prices on video

That angry lady said more than what the tuk-tuk driver said about the army and its role in the society.
"The army will distribute meat , the army will supervise the sewage system , are there no more people in the country except the army !??" She wondered in anger.
"The people above are fighting each other and arresting each other while we, the poor people are being crushed" She said slamming the ruling class.
She also slammed TV hosts saying that she did not trust anyone of them because they earn millions exploiting the people.
We do not know her identity and I am glad we did not because the Tuk-tuk driver is hiding right now with his small family.
She got two daughters in University according to what she said in the clip.
They may get in trouble if they are being identified now.

There was another video that shocked people and went viral as well.
That video showed a man who set himself on fire in front of the Armed Forces club's entrance in Sidi Bishr in Alexandria.
The video of the taxi driver

Social media users quoted alleged eye-witnesses saying that the taxi driver was demanding to meet El-Sisi at the Armed forces club.
Early reports spoke about that he did because he could not pay the expenses of his family.
Other reports say that he did because he was had legal problems with some bad influential people where he lives and he just wanted justice.
According to Alexandria health department, that man is called Ashraf Shahin.
The 30-years old man survived but he got burns on 95% of his body. He is currently in a very critical condition in hospital. Another citizen got burns on his body while trying to save him.
Updated on 22 October 2016 : The taxi driver passed away. 
Before he would be positioned as the new Bouazizi of Sisi's era , the Alexandria security directorate released his criminal record to prove that he is not worth it !!

Another video went viral for another younger man , who was very angry and decided to share his anger on Facebook. 

This young man is slamming a Pro-regime TV host who was attacking people for speaking up about economic crisis as well attacking political activists and social media because there are "soldiers who are dying in Sinai" and "We are living a war economy !!" {Does she even understand the meaning of that word !!??}

This is the video of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim and he is not only criticizing that Al-Nahar TV channel host who was ordering people to "wake up"but also the army and its current policies directly and indirectly.
I do not know much about Abdel Moneim except that he is Pro-Jan25.
I see that there is another taboo has been broken in some of those videos, which is the army.

The week won't be over and yet another video is making rounds on Egypt's social media in the past 24 hours.
This time it is a short interview with an old pensioner shopkeeper who closed his shop and lost his money because of the economic crisis in Port Said.
An interview with a shop owner who lost his fortune because of the economic crisis
That video reached out to many Egyptians who can not tolerate seeing elderly humiliated.
That interview is from Dream TV2's famous "10 PM" TV night talk show. I think that type of interviews is let to be aired on TV as a vent for the public anger but this time , it increases anger.
I wonder if Wael Al-Abrashi will join his colleague Amr El-Lissy in an open

By the way, Port Said witnessed a very rare protest on Tuesday as hundreds protested against its governor because of the increase in the prices in the social housing project in the governorate.
It was a rare scene to see protesters saying after 2013 "Leave" even if it was directed to the governor.

The fact that those videos are going viral among Egyptians including the apolitical Egyptians as once Pro-Sisi supporters according to what I see among friends and family proves that there is a true public anger and it is growing thanks to the economic crisis.

Needless to say , the Pro-regime and supporters claim that the Muslim Brotherhood group is behind those people forgetting an important fact : The social media users in Egypt that share them on their FB walls , What's up message and Tweets do not care that much about who is behind them as much as they care their disontencted voice reachs out to those who may concern. 

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