Thursday, November 10, 2016

About that so-called 11/11 Revolution in Egypt on Friday

Supposedly after Friday's prayers which are a few hours away , a so-called revolution or protests or uprising of 11/11 will erupt against the current Egyptian regime because of its so-called economic policies.
The graffiti of the so-called revolution "Reuters" 

As usual, Downtown Cairo is locked down and famous Sadat metro station in Downtown is closed as usual. The ambulance authorities
For months , the pro-regime media has been warning the Egyptian people of participating in the 11/11 protests or so-called revolution which seemed to be an orphaned call with no political powers claiming it.
Suddenly , those calls for protests appeared from nowhere whether online or offline.
All the opposition/Pro-January 25/Pro-Democratic political powers and parties stated that they won't participate or call the people to join those protests.

Independent revolutionary activists also denied any relation with those calls appearing online and offline. At the same time,  people from the working class began to speak about.
Pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters seemed to support the call for 11/11 protests  , they always support any calls for protests against the regime jumping into the wagon without knowing who is behind.

Same thing when it comes to the Pro-Muslim Brotherhood media from websites , Facebook pages and TV channels.
Many activists actually suspected the 11/11 revolution or protests call was a trap by the security to crackdown protests and political powers.

The Muslim Brotherhood itself or rather the different wings of Muslim Brotherhood have not declared their or its official position from the protests except on Thursday.
The MB wing led by the so-called spokesperson Mohamed Montaser "some believe that it is an alias" issued a statement on Thursday that does not only show its support to the calls for protests but also its confession about who believed those calls.

" There is contradicting information about the arrangements of different parties for 11/11 and what is being said from scenarios about that day but  the MB declares its full support to the public demands rejecting the catastrophic economic decisions." The statement said to the end of that talk.
But then Montaser says the following interestingly later in the statement
"The MB announces that it is not a part of any scenario that is being planned on that day away from the revolution and its goals" He added.

Needless to say , now the MB cannot mobilize its supporters in large numbers as the past. Most of their protests now are in rural areas and narrow streets in Cairo and Alexandria.
Anyhow back to that strange call that will lock up the country within hours.
A couple of journalists as well the very informative and highly recommended investigative journalism "Al-Mawkef Al-Masry" found very interesting information about the calls for 11/11 protests and when it appeared.

It turned out that the first call for 11/11 protests or so-called revolution appeared on Facebook on a Facebook page called "The Peasants movement" on 26 August.
That page was founded by a man called "Yasser Abdel Halim El-Omda" , who is not a renowned political activist. After the 25 January , he called himself "The Revolution poet".
He issued a statement with the goals of that so-called "Peasants revolution" on 28 October and I agree with Al-Mawkef Al-Masry , that he either does not have any knowledge of politics or economy or lies to fool the people while they are angry and frustrated.
He is currently living in Turkey and according to his FB account , he is a Pro-Morsi supporter and is working in one of the Pro-MB TV channels.

Nevertheless, official MB denies any relation with him. Economically , the goals of those protests according to El-Omda do not go along with the MB's capitalistic views.
I do not expect any major thing on Friday except may few small MB protests in their areas like Sharkia and rural parts of Alexandria and Giza as usual.
Other than there will be no revolution.

Revolutions do not need a Facebook event. 25 January and 28 January were a historical exception that does not happen frequently in the same country.
Either way, I have to admit since October and the Pro-regime media was freaking out about the 11/11
We will see what happen after a couple of hours inshallah.

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  1. Dictatorship remains in control not only by force but also by deception. False flag operations and orchestrated distractions are tools to numb, diffuse and confuse the public anger.

    In the old days a typical deception was to initiate a street-fight, only to pickpocket the wallets of the innocent bystanders. Nowadays a fight to capture twitter trending can do the same purpose.


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