Wednesday, November 9, 2016

When Sisi congratulated Trump on the phone

After announcing that Donald Trump has become the 45th president of the United States by two hours , the Egyptian Presidency announced that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was the first leader to congratulate him in a telephone call.
During the call according to the readout released by the Egyptian presidency , Sisi invited Trump to visit Egypt. "I do not know if he visited it before".
Trump and Sisi
Trump and El-Sisi in NYC last September "Egyptian Presidency" 

In return , the new US president-elect told Sisi that he was looking forward to see him soon.
It is worth to mention that Trump met El-Sisi in New York during the United Nations General Assembly "UNGA" in September.
El-Sisi was quite impressed by the Republican nominee then that he did not care much about insulting and disturbing statements about Islam and Muslims. 

It is not a secret that Trump expressed his admiration with El-Sisi and his war on 'Islamic terrorism' from his point of view.

I think this has to do with the fact that his national security ex-General Michael Flynn praises El-Sisi whether in his book or in is talks.

Also, his top expert on the Middle East and terrorism issues Walid Phares also praises El-Sisi.
Phares is too open to the Egyptian media as in the past months , he used to give statements in Pro-regime media.

On Wednesday , he told Egyptian media allegedly that Trump would issue a law designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.
Yes , it is all about the Brotherhood. They do not mind having an alliance with the devil itself to get rid of the Brotherhood.

Interestingly , the Pro-regime Egyptian media ignores the fact deliberately that Phares is neocon with bloody radical history in the Lebanese civil war.
You know, I wonder if Phares was the one who told MP Abdel Rihm Ali that Trump's role model was El-Sisi !!
It does not matter for them as now a war prince like Samir Gaegae is a frequent guest in Egyptian TV channels and newspapers.

Aside from Flynn and Phares , I can not keep thinking if MP Mostafa El-Gindy plays a role in connecting the Egyptian regime with the Trump came through Conservative News website Breitbart News.

According to Guardian US , Mostafa El-Gindy owns Breitbart News DC HQ.  El-Gindy denied that Breitbart News directly rented from him the house. Ironically, journalists from Guardian and Politico found El-Gindy mentioned several times in the US Conservative news website. The website is also paying attention to what is happening in Egypt.

El-Gindy denied later that he rented his townhouse to Trump's campaign "It is not the campaign" the news reort blaming the Qataris, MB and tGuardiandan for spreading lies and rumors about him. 
Politico and other US based websites searched more and confirmed what the Guardian found, it was more than interesting to find Breitbart news renting a USD 2.3 million townhouse HQ from a Muslim millionaire in DC. "He bought it in 2009"

I do not know exactly what kind of business El-Gindy is involved in but the veteran MP got relations and businesses in Sudan and other African countries since the time of Mubarak. I do not even how this man is okay of renting his house to that racist website !!

It is not a big secret either that El-Sisi and his administration wish that the things will change when Trump becomes a President and invites him to Washington.

The Egyptian Pro-Regime media is in love in Trump already ignoring all his racist talk against Muslims and Islam.

The Pro-regime supporters in Egypt support and celebrate the victory of Trump as if it is their own victory. Yes, some of them still believe genuinely that Hillary Clinton created ISIS and worked with the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy the 30-June revolution in the country.
You know it is like all the Nationalist right wing supporters are uniting !!
Anyhow , we will see what will happen now in Washington.
It is not Trump alone in Washington but we got also other Republicans who got a different perspective.
It is not one man show in the Oval already.
VP Mike Pence, already got a different view about Syria than Trump.
Time will tell if the Egyptian administration and its media were in a hurry welcoming Trump in the White House or not. Only matter of two months.


  1. Many of Trump's supporters are urging him to oppose the two state solution. This position is in direct conflict with that of every Arab government. Many in the Congress are going to be pushing him to oppose the views of Arab governments on this issue at any cost.

    There is also a conflict within the Trump camp over Syria. This division in part related to differences over Russia/Putin.

    Arab governments usually hail the arrival of new American presidents only to curse them later. Their comprehension of American politics is shallow and severely flawed.

    In any case, there is not much Trump can do to help them, even if he wants to. There is a strong chance that Trump's current level of popular support will plummet during his presidency, thus weakening his options. He faces a huge amount of domestic problems and has had difficulty proposing ideas to resolve them.

    Arab dictators, not just in Saudi Arabia, but also in Egypt and the other GCC states are gradually becoming more controversial and less popular in the U.S. Spin from politicians cannot change this fact.

  2. Trump will not last long Americans won't have it. How stupid can they be to think Hillary created isis lmaoooooo Ask Bush.


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