Monday, March 27, 2017

Seen in Alexandria : Once again Stanley bridge

Stanley Bridge

Seen in Alexandria: Once again the famous Stanley bridge at night.
It was built in the late 1990s over Stanley bay and became another landmark in the Mediterranean sea city after its inauguration in 2001
And a nice couple of photos for Stanley bridge after the break.

Alexandria's Stanley bridge
Stanley Bridge at night

Alexandria's Stanley bridge
Stanely Bridge at night 

Here is a very rare photo showing Stanley bay and beach without the bridge in the 1930s.
Stanley bay without a bridge
Stanely Bay without a bridge
You can think villas and green gardens in the 1930s photo. Those villas and gardens disappeared and ugly cement buildings built instead.
Stanely Beach is still popular destination thought.
The Stanely beach is known for its cabins which you can rent. I do not know how you can rent them or from where.
Stanely bay and beach without the bridge
Stanely bay and beach without the bridge
A trivia: Stanely bridge is turned into a Love lock bridge on the Valentine's Day whether the international day or the Egyptian day.
Read more about my visit to Alexandria in May. I think you probably got bored of it but guess what !? There are couple of photos I have not shared about Alex 

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