Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dead Man summit in the Dead sea

Earlier Wednesday, Jordan's Dead Sea witnessed the start of the 28th Arab summit and it was the perfect location for such annual farce.
It was really a Dead man's summit in the Dead Sea
Or like how Iyad El-Baghdadi described the summit
Dead men speaking in a dead summit of dead organization in the lowest place on this planet
Now here is a summary of the summit:
The  Prince of Kuwait slammed the Arab spring claiming that its revolutions brought terrorism and misery to the region
The old prince slept afterward during the speeches of other leaders.
Sleeping prince of Kuwait
The prince of Kuwait after attacking the Arab spring 
He was not alone as other leaders slept as usual in the summit.
Yemeni president Abdrabbuh Mansour El-Hady slept as if his country was suffering its worst crisis since the infamous Yemen wars in the 1960s.
Yemeni president
Yemeni President had a nap in the summit
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen whose presidential term was over many years ago also had a nap. 

Abu Mazen
Abu Mazan and his nap time 
Even the President of Djbouti , which most of the Arabs do not that it is Arab country slept during that boring session of the Arab summit 
President Ismail Omar of Djibouti in the summit
President Ismail Omar of Djibouti in the summit 
Sisi spoke about terrorism, Libya and Syria. Nothing new at all.
The prince of Qatar Tamim spoke indirectly about the Muslim brotherhood.
The Lebanese president and ex-war criminal Michel Aoun spoke about how bad wars are.
The 80-years old fell on his face while he was on his way to stand for that photo.

El-Sisi was not standing in the middle of the photo as the Egyptian presidents used to do.
He stood at the far left besides Omar El-Bashir.
The Gulf leaders stood in the Middle beside King Abdullah II of Jordan.
The Arab summit in Jordan
The Arab leaders attending the summit "Reuters"
Sadly, Egypt and its president were the talk of the media as Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Egyptian delegation stormed out of the summit while the Prince of Qatar was giving his speech.
According to Journalists who attended the meeting, Sisi and the delegation had to leave to attend the meeting with King Salman and he did not intend to leave while Prince Tamim of Qatar was speaking.
Ironically, Pro-Sisi supporters are claiming that he intended to leave.
Egypt is bigger than this and its president should realize that.
We were taught since our childhood that Egypt is the leader of the Arab countries. Those actions say otherwise.
Interestingly El-Sisi held a small meeting with King Salman in what could be a reconciliation between them exchanging invitations to visit each other country.
Now, I am extremely worried about the fate of the two Egyptian islands Tiran and Sanafir.
Needless to say, I think millions of Arabs are missing Qaddafi's wild shows live in the Arab summits.
No Arab leader has dared to visit the Zatari camp like UN secretary general Antonio Guterres before or after the summit.
No Arab leader has spoken about what happened to Rima Khalaf and how she resigned from her position as the Executive secretary of the United Nationals Economic and Social Commission for Western"ESCWA".
Khalaf resigned after Guterres asked her to withdraw an "ESCWA" report classifying Israel as an apartheid state.
No Arab leader dared to speak about the famine in Yemen or Somalia
I think they are afraid of doing so.
They agreed that they support the Arab peace initiative and the two states solution when it comes to Palestine.
They want a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.
They are against terrorism and support political solution in Syria as well...Libya
Needless to say, I doubt if the world followed that summit for real.
Let's be realistic, the Brexit is much more important and more interesting than a bunch of old Arab leaders, mostly dictators gathered to discuss the same old topics.


  1. Can any one translate 'old farts' to Arabic language equivalent for the benefit of Middle Eastern population?
    These leaders make sound, make smell but no action.

  2. Dead Man's Summit in the Dead Sea..
    I Wonder
    They did nor wake yet,after all their own People said and did in the Spring Revolution.
    And after all this destruction and mascara in our beloved Syria.!!!!


  4. respectful/mr.y.h^mdy//>>de^d<<..right?!^nese..singer..'feirus'^l/meis-el-reem??>>>(y^..mokht^r..el..m^kh^teer)??'s/1995/movie:(c^sino)...the..court..session..before..the..end??...enjoy!!best..wishes..from:london/is.-b^rsoumi.


  5. SATURDAY APRIL 1-2017 or better renowned as APRIL-FOOLS DAY?? I wish & plea, to all those WHO tell black, or even white lies,& many times a day, and all 365 days of the year,to reverse their concept..and once a year,at least, and on this day ..1st of speak JUST >>>>THE TRUTH/,,,,Especially bearing in mind people,who run HIGH offices & positions,such as :Politicians/Leaders/Diplomats/Negotiators/Media personnel/Editors??etc/etc,....Once said : sometimes >THE TRUTH APRIL FOOLS DAY< all ,keep it safe,remember,the joke's is always on the end ??Regards from London/Mr.NostalgiA /Is-hak Barsoumian.


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