Monday, April 10, 2017

The Martyrs of Policewomen force in Egypt : Remember their names

Among the 46 martyrs killed who lost their lives in those suicide bombing attacks targeting Egyptian Christians in Tanta and Alexandria on Palm Sunday.
Those three ladies are the first Egyptian policewomen to die on duty as well in a terrorist attack.
Here is a quick post with the names and pictures of those ladies.

Police Colonel Nagwa El-Hagar

The first woman to die in that horrifying suicide attack was Colonel Nagwa Abdel Allim El-Hagar.
Colonel Nagwa
Late Colonel Nagwa with her son 

Abdel was married to a police general and had two young. The eldest son is a police officer as well.
Sadly , it turned out that her second son died in less than a year. He joined the police academy like his father, mother and brother.
Her younger son passed away while training in a sports club in Alexandria.
He did not die in a terrorist attack as some Pro-Police/army/Sisi/regime Facebook pages claimed.

Police corporal Asmaa Hussein

Police corporal Asmaa Ibrahim
Police corporal Asmaa Ibrahim 
Asmaa Hussein used to work in the police force at Alexandria port but because it was her fate, she was assigned to the police force at the Cathedral.
Asmaa Hussein was a wife and a mother of two girls "Sandy" and Rodina". Unfortunately, Asmaa left Rodina as a baby.

Police corporal Amina Roshdy

Police corporal Amina Roshdy
Police corporal Amina Roshdy
This young lady was supposed to get married next month.
Those ladies were part of the police force assigned to protect the St.Marks Cathedral during Palm Sunday.
They were assigned to inspect women going to the Church.
All those ladies are Muslim and wearing headscarves as you can tell.
I believe that late Police Colonel Nagwa El-Haggar and Police Corporal Asama Hussein were the two ladies who appeared in the Cathedral taking behind the suicide bomber.
According to news reports, the body of Asama Hussein was badly damaged as she was close to the suicide bomber with few steps away.
Here is the CCTV showing the two policewomen speaking before the suicide bomber blew up himself up.
I mostly criticize the Egyptian police and their actions on this blog but I can't ignore the sacrifices of those ladies. 


  1. So sad, so much hatred in this old world . R.I.P. dears.

  2. BELIEVE ME EVERYBODY THAT MY HEART BLEEDS for all such HUMAN loss of life, be it Christian+Muslim+or whatever else?!..WHAT was the wrong that they were doing these 3 GRACEFUL lady officers except protecting the Sunday worshippers,... why is it that worshipping GOD or ALLAH Almighty became>>> H A R A M ?? or a TABOO?We all believe in one MIGHTY CREATOR..YES?? what is all these retributions..slaughters..murders,at RAMADANs+CHRISTMASes+AL-ADHAs+EASTERs..and other HOLLY days,which supposed to gather people to thank ONE ALMIGHTY CREATOR,that we all believe in?!Even in the old ages, & before >GOOD prophets< like MOSES+CHRIST+PROPHET MOHAMMAD peace be upon all of them,sent down by THE DIVINE >ONE< BEING .. or as we mortals,some call HIM YAH-WEH+ GOD/+ or ALLAH..or even address HIM by any GLORIFIED word or Adjective we find in our human limited vocabularies?!the 3 main religions of today almost 3.500 years ago since Moses + 2016 since Christ + 1438 since Al Rasoul-Mohammed,PEACE of THE ALMIGHTY may overshadow them>THE THREE!..Even when Jesus once asked by HIS followers..what to do with other religions' worshippers in the land,HE said ,any false belief or BELIEFS will fade away and be forgotten if not given from ABOVE?! as saying like ,if things painted by gold.. soon the paint will crack and show what BENEATH it..the worthless item?..So if those THREE messages lasted all such period in human's history,must be THE LEGITIMATE TRUTH,and from one source..Even when in the dark ages when each tribe or country had its IDOL-S,the 3 GLORIFIED MARTYRED GUARDIAN ANGELS->NAGWA EL-HAGGAR + ASMAA HUSEIN + AMINA ROSHDI whom lost their PRECIOUS lives while trying to protect their Christian Brothers + Sisters'PRECIOUS lives, NO SACRIFICE CAN EVER MATCH IT IN THIS WORLD/may THE ALMIGHTY reward them..where we the mortals shamefully failed to do so,a guilt will linger with us ..FOREVER!!.. MAY GOD + ALLAH, BLESS THEM, AND MAY THEY ENJOY THEIR HEAVENLY PEACE,a Peace that we, the mortals, deprived them..from!! R.I.P our 3 Unforgettable SISTERS..with sheer respect from Is-hak Barsoumian/London to their undying MEMORIES!!

  3. Deeply saddened. May they rest in perfect peace.


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