Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Seen in Cairo : Zamalek underground blues

Zamalek Metro
Zamalek's Metro route and station are dangerous the lives of the residents and the architectural heritage
Let's keep Zamalek together.
 I found that poster on several residential building in the upscale Zamalek Island expressing the rejection of the people there of the Metro or Underground project.

The people are afraid that digging tunnels in the island will affect its buildings, which are mostly old. Nevertheless, the Egyptian government does not care for the details people whether rich or poor.

In the past year the people of Zamalek thought that they managed to stop the project but for the wrong reasons claiming that the metro would bring poor classes to the island.

Now it is a reality they have to live it. I know that there is still an active group of Zamalek residents who are trying to organize themselves to protest and to stop the project. I wish them luck.

The project started last week and the traffic has become a living hell already.

Needless to say the Zamalek people are angry. My aunt was there last week doing some shopping and she overheard the one of Zamalek ladies speaking with the shopkeeper complaining about the traffic changes in the small island.

My aunt told me that the lady accused the president and his government of "closing down" Zamalek to force the foreign embassies there to leave it and head to the New administrative capital built in New Cairo.

It is true that the New Administrative Capital got a special embassies area.
It seems that President Sisi began to lose his popularity among Zamalek ladies after all.

Sadly, those ladies who cheered and supported him massively now can not organize one big protest for the sake of their island thanks to the protest law !! 

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  1. Your article on Zamalek, made me think of an old rock and roll song called "Summertime Blues" on Youtube :)


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