Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Seen in Cairo : Another retro Cairo font

There is some kind of love relation between me and handwritten fonts on the shop banners in Cairo, especially Downtown Cairo.
This shop is not in Downtown Cairo but its handwritten banner which says it Samir upholstery was beautiful standing between two ugly computer generated banners.
I love how the word "Samir " is written in a retro-ish way. I am searching for that Font online.

Via Instagram 


  1. Isn't this the same font as the old "Samir" children's magazine?

    1. Yes , it is the first time I noticed that :)

    2. Nope , I check the logo of that famous magazine. It is not the same. It is retroish

  2. I am a collecter of fonts, but I don't have any Arabic ones. :(

    If googling doesn't work, why don't you ask the guy who made the sign. If you go to the nearby brick-and-mortar businesses, they can give you contact information for the sign guy. Just tell them how wonderful the sign is, butter them up. You are a girl, so fix yourself up to be pretty. Guaranteed results.

    I am assuming you're not covered. In that case I guess you are SOL. I live in Seattle and have never been to an Arab county, so if you think putting on makeup could get you sulfuric acid in the face, don't do it, obviously. Go with your gut.

    1. What an excellent resource. I did not know about that.


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