Friday, August 4, 2017

Presidential elections 2018 : A-One-Man show Already

Do you know that Egypt is going to have presidential elections in mid-2018 ??
Yes, Egypt is going to have new presidential elections most probably in May 2018.
Most people can not remember this fact because simply we do not have ongoing presidential elections campaign like in the past or even in other countries.

Only those who follow news carefully can find this sort of news like "National Elections committee to start preparing for 2018 Presidential elections" to remember shortly that we are going to have elections in May.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s first 4-years presidential term will end after a couple of months and yet we do not have officially or non-officially any presidential hopefuls who ready to stand against the current president whether sincerely or even for the sake of the show.

Per Egyptian Constitution article No.140, the procedures for electing the President of the Republic begin at least 120 days before the end of the presidential term.

It will ridiculous for real to start the Presidential elections campaigns 120 days before the end of the Presidential terms of El-Sisi but it seems that this is what is going to happen.
Abdel Fattah El-Sisi did not officially or directly that he would run for the Presidential elections 2018 but he said indirectly that he would do what the people wanted him to do including running for the presidential office again.
It is not a big secret that he will run eventually.
El-Sisi poster
El-Sisi's campaign poster in Presidential elections 2018

He also urged the people to go to ballot boxes when the time comes.
We still remember how the last Presidential elections which El-Sisi in 2014 had very low turnout.
Sisi got 96.9% of the votes in those elections.

When it comes to his rivals in the upcoming elections, it is a big question mark.

His 2014 elections rival Hamdeen Sabbahi got only 3.09% of the votes in a big scandal.
Already Sabbahi lost a lot of supporters especially among the youth who considered him as a puppet whose only role was to beautify the Presidential elections in front of the outside.

Leftist lawyer and human rights activist Khaled Ali said he may run in the presidential elections from a couple of months ago.
After the Tiran and Sanafir lawsuit in courts, Khaled Ali became so popular in Egypt.
Despite he won’t win except by a miracle in front of El-Sisi, he has a chance to rock the elections by raising important topics in the media that we are not allowed to speak about anymore.
Still, Ali was dragged to the court over a finger sign. If he is convicted, he won’t be to run for the elections.

From his self-exile in UAE, former Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik refuses to give a definite answer whether he will run or not.
He made it clear that he would announce his candidacy for elections in Egypt and not outside it.
Shafik has been staying in the UAE since 2012. Despite he was acquitted from all the corruption lawsuits that followed him, he has not come home yet. It is unclear why he does not want to return back.
Personally, I considered Shafik as a true rival who can take votes from Sisi so easily especially from the Pro-State/army/regime/police fans voters base.

Despite no one has announced his intention to run for elections, the Pro-regime media is marketing El-Sisi as the only option for Egypt because there is nobody else can save the country from chaos like him.

So far it is a-One-Man-show for real and this man is Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The Pro-regime media has also begun to consider him the President forever after despite there is one obstacle standing in front of him when it comes to "that President till death apart thing"

Constitution 2014 as an obstacle for forever after rule

The current Egyptian constitution says in article no.140 that the presidential term of the President is 4 years only and that he or she may be re-elected once.
Needless to say, there are calls for amending the Constitution “sometimes changing altogether”.
In February, we found a couple of MPs from “Support Egypt” Bloc collecting signatures in the House of Representatives to allow Constitution amends in order to give the President more powers.

Those MPs wanted to amend article no.226 which speaks about constitutional amendments.
Aside of explaining the legislative procedures mentioned to amend the Constitution, the article stipulates the following :
In all cases, texts pertaining to the re-election of the president of the republic or the principles of freedom and equality stipulated in this Constitution may not be amended, unless the amendment brings more guarantees.
Those MPs wanted to amend that part of the article so they can amend article no.140 so the President may have 7 or 6 years as a presidential term instead of 4 years only.
Their logic is that the Parliamentary term should not exceed the Presidential term. The Parliament’s term according to the Constitution is 5 years whereas the Presidential term as mentioned above is 4 years.

Those MPs and the signatures they were collecting disappeared in the news but one of the MPs, Ismail Nasr El-Din made a comeback in the Pro-regime news on Friday calling Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to run “for the sake of the people in the upcoming Presidential elections”.

It is worth to mention that in July 2016, the cassation court nullified Nasr El-Din’s parliamentary membership and yet he has been representing Helwan district in the parliament up till now !!!


  1. The presidential election campaign already started with the order for the media to create a phobia of fear regarding the fall of the State. This is the prelude to issue a decree per the famous French quote "L'État, c'est moi".

    With high percentage of illiteracy, the presidental candidate’s symbol in voting ballot plays a vital role. Khaled Ali can win a majority vote if his symbol is a hand with middle finger bent 90 degrees. This symbol, though unsophisticated, it reflects the feeling in the hearts and minds of Egyptian people.


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