Thursday, October 5, 2017

Muchas gracias Spanish government and EU : Sincerely Mideast government

On Sunday, the people of Catalonia held an independence referendum in defiance to the Spanish government in Madrid and the current Spanish constitution.
Spanish police in Catalonia
Police arresting voters in Catalonia "AFP"
The referendum was held at the same time the Spanish police attacked voters at polling centers dragging them out as well taking the ballot boxes in a scene that shocked many people including myself.

According to Catalan authorities, not less than 900 people were injured including elderly.
It shocked me because that scene was too familiar for us in the Mideast, in Egypt in particular.
It reminded me with the violence of the Egyptian police during the 2010 parliamentary elections which considered by many as one of the trigger for the 25 January revolution.

It shocked me because that was happening in Europe. It shocked me because that was happening in Spain , a country that I and other Egyptians look to a successful example of democratic civilian transition.
Since the ouster of Mubarak in February 2011 and many Egyptians looked to the Spanish democratic civilian transition as an example to follow despite the difference between the two countries. Needless to say , I believe that one of the weakness of our Egyptian revolution is the lack of figures like  Adolfo Suarez.

Anyhow it seemed that the legacy of Franco is still deep-rooted in Madrid or at least in the Spanish police as the World has seen in the past two weeks.
Just as I and others felt sad to see that scene of Spanish police attacking Catalan voters and activists, others were happy in our sad miserable part of the world.

Pro-Egyptian regime media was so happy with that scene. Pro-TV hosts in Egypt like Amr Adeeb kept showing the attack footage to show that European countries that speak about human rights all the types ignore them when “comes to their National security”.

Where is the European democracy in Spain?” He said adding that there was no place for democracy or human rights when it comes to “nations and countries divided in to smaller countries”

A quick look to the regional press and media, I found that Turkish media described what happened in Catalonia was an example of the failure of Western democracy.

I do not know how the EU officials would criticize human rights and police brutality in the Middle East countries when they are silent on what happened in Spain especially in Catalonia !!! It will be hypocrisy.
A Catalonian lady crying on Sunday during the referendum "El Pais" 
Yes , they believe that the Catalans should respect the Constitution of Spain but on the other hand, violence won’t make them to do so.

After what the police had done , after that King Felipe’s speech which reminded us with the Arab Spring ‘s ousted rulers , I think more Catalans will be more determinant to get an independence and to revive the Catalonia republic dream again.  I know very well because this is how the Arab spring happened in the first place

It is not a big secret that Russian media and its arms on the social media are supporting the independence of Catalonia to create more trouble for the West.
I do not know how the leaders in the EU or the West in general are thinking but I feel that there is a big grin on the face of Putin in Kremlin.
I just hope the Spanish government will rethink the matter and start talks with the Catalans , it must do that and apologize immediately for the crackdown against activists and police brutality against voters before it is late.

I also want to tell the Spanish government and the EU that the human rights violations in Europe echo strongly in our sad part of the World.
It is like a Carte Blanche for repressive regimes from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arab/Persian Gulf to crackdown opposition powers seeking democracy .
Those repressive regimes are really thankful to the Spanish government and EU.

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  1. It's an old story in the Kingdom of Spain: after the fall of Franco's regime the central government persecuted the regional political forces in a way very similar to Turkey's Erdogan. For example in 2003 Batasuna, the main abertzale leftist party, was banned. In Rome we have some Basque comrades who escaped the Spanish persecution in Euskal Herria.


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