Monday, October 2, 2017

Seen in Giza : A Nile view with concerns

Egypt's Nile River

This photo was one of my early attempts to snap a 180-degree photo using my old iPhone.
The amazing river Nile is majestic in perfect weather condition in Cairo and Giza.
By the way, this photo shows both banks, the Cairo and Giza Metropolis skyline of ugly buildings we love to hate.
I will seize this opportunity to speak again about the future of the Nile River in Egypt especially after constructing Ethiopia's Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam "GERD".
Last week, an official in Egypt's ministry of irrigation and water resources announced that Egypt was officially suffering from "Water Poverty" and the era of "water abundance" in the country was over thanks to the increasing population. 
Now my concern is that if we are suffering from "Water poverty", why the hell does the state allow building new compounds as well a new administrative capital full of swimming pools and fountains !?


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    1. Sorry for the late reply. We were on holiday here and I have been quite busy. I am working on a project about current affairs in Egypt for a journalism course I am in, and we need acquire our own source there on the ground. I am interested in politics, power, history, human rights and have been a blogger here in HK. It interests me to speak to bloggers and individuals with critical minds. Can we chat directly via email, and perhaps by Skype? You can contact me at my university email and we can take it from there - I very much appreciate any help you are willing to give as I try to understand Egypt and her current situation, and my efforts to share such knowledge with my classmates. Thank you!

  2. Hey. Thanks for your post, it is interesting to hear about life in Egypt. I'm a student in Hong Kong and would love to talk with you a little if you are willing. Let me know?

  3. Its like this world wide and certainly in the States where we are constantly shown "what is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander". Not good for the poor or average folks.


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