Wednesday, November 15, 2017

El-Adly of Arabia

Do you remember how Egyptians wondered and asked where the hell their former long-time notorious Mubarak’s interior minister Habib  El-Adly had gone?
Do you remember how his lawyer Fareed El-Deeb insisted that he would appear in court in time of court all those months? Do you remember who his wife, the veteran journalist Elham Sharshar claiming how she did not know his whereabouts in front of prosecution?

All those months many Egyptians included myself thought that the infamous ex-interior minister Habib El-Adly escaped abroad. Some websites claimed that he went to UAE just like other Mubarak’s businessmen.
The man made a comeback from a couple of months ago when Saudi Arabia declared that it founded a new security apparatus in July: The State security.
Habib El-Adly
A file photo fo Habib El-Adly during his trial "Reuters"
I overlayed a green layer as we are speaking about Saudis 
The name brought to Egyptians many memories yet it was interesting to see in September famous Saudi Whistleblowing twitter accounts like “@Mujtahid”, “@Ahdjadid"” and “@Coluche_ar” speaking about him

Saudi Whistleblowing twitter account “Mujtahid” said on 16 September that Prince Mohamed Bin Salman aka MBS had a plan to “Westernize” and “Zion-ize” the Saudi Kingdom and for that the Kingdom hired “600 State security Egyptian officers” to have “a full control on the Kingdom” in addition to military officers and pilots as well diplomats.

Then on 18 September, “@Ahdjadid” claimed that Habib El-Adly, the infamous former minister of interior of Egypt was among those officers hired to work in the Kingdom's new founded “State security”.

Nobody confirmed or denied what those famous whistleblowers claimed and sooner a crackdown campaign against Islamists and religious clerics had begun leaving nobody from extremists to moderates yet who were not on board with MBS.
The name returned again as the crackdown against princes and businessmen had begun in early November.

On Tuesday, NY Times published a report about the latest adventures of Prince MBS written by Ben Hubbard and David Kirkpatrick and according to that report, Habib El-Adly is among the current advisors of the KSA’s youngest defacto ruler. The report also spoke about how “17 people detained in the anti-corruption campaign {aka The Ritz Carlton} required medical treatment for abuse by their captors” which means there were tortured.

The reported referred to how El-Adly was involved in torture cases in Egypt. You can draw a conclusion from there that El-Adly could be behind the torture and abuse of 17 men.

Habib El-Adly’s attorney Farid El-Deeb denied that his client was in Saudi Arabia insisting that he will show up next January during the appeal of his corruption case.
Following the spread of NY Times’ report, Mrs. El-Adly denied that her husband was not in Saudi Arabia in a media statement.
 At the same time, Elham Sharshar claimed that she did not know where Habib El-Adly was at the same time.
Do not dare to ask how she knew that he was not the KSA while insisting that she did not know his whereabouts.
Now here are my two cents about El-Adly and MBS.
I do not think the despots in that sad part of the world learn from despots’ mistakes. Hosni Mubarak and Gamal Mubarak counted on Habib El-Adly’s iron fist to control Egypt and after all those years a revolution took place eventually.
I fear that El-Adly’s work in Saudi Arabia will be the biggest threat to the kingdom and its own existence.
There is no hope for real progressive any kind of change when you have that sort of officials in power.
Egypt can officially ask Saudi Arabia to extradite El-Adly from Saudi Arabia if he is there. “Yes, he is”


  1. It is very sad.
    We used to think of Saudi Arabia as a Role Model for Islamic Country.
    What MBS want and what he is doing
    Only God know.
    May Allah swt save Saudi Arabia and
    It's citizens.

    1. I beg to differ, Saudi Arabia and its regime as well laws were not a role model for Islamic country in any way

    2. El Adly was arrested in Cairo today 2017.12.05


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