Sunday, November 12, 2017

He Did Not Need to Blink Twice : What happened to Mr. Hariri !!??

I can’t ignore what is happening in Lebanon or Saudi Arabia because after all, it echoes in Cairo in a way or another.
For the first time since his televised resignation from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon’s Prime minister Saad El-Hariri appeared on TV in a very awkward on-air interview Sunday evening denying that he was under house arrest repeating that he would return home, to resign officially in accordance with the Lebanese constitution.

The Lebanese PM appeared with veteran Lebanese TV host Paula Yacoubian on his own TV network “Future TV” from his house reportedly in Riyadh insisting that he could return back home at any time he wanted.He repeated that he created a “Positive shock” in his country with resignation.

It was all about Hezbollah and its relation to Iran which mediates in the Arab world and imposes a danger to the Gulf.

He also spoke about his fear about that Lebanon would face economic sanctions just like Yemen.
This gives me an impression that he may be there negotiating about the future of his country. God only knows.

It is worth to mention Saudi Arabia called for an urgent meeting for Arab foreign ministers at League of Arab States in Cairo over Iran.
Will Saudi Arabia call for sanctions on Lebanon because of Hezbollah? We will know in few days I guess.
El-Hariri wanted Hezbollah to stop his relations with Iran and to stick to politics in Lebanon, the same old demand.
Saad El-Hariri
Self-resigned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad El-Hariri
Saad El-Hariri appeared shaken and was on the verge of crying in one instance forcing Yacoubian to go on a commercial break before returning.
His weakness was shown to the viewers as Paula Yacoubian seemed stronger with her questions insisting to get answers. He was there and not there.

Whatever happened to him, God as well Saudi officials only know !!

The self-resigned  PM seemed to contradict himself to me as he claimed to be ready to sacrifice himself to Lebanon whereas he said that he got his only family referring indirectly to a possible assassination attempt.

When he resigned, he claimed that it was there was a threat to his own life.
That claim was denied later by Lebanese security.
The Lebanese-Saudi PM says that Iran mediates in the Lebanese affairs while denying that Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Lebanese internal affairs !!
The epic moment came by the end when suddenly we saw a man holding something like a paper or cue card standing behind Paula and the Lebanese prime minister was looking to his direction in alarm.
It is worth to mention that this interview came after a series of news reports in Washington Post, Reuters, and Bloomberg indicating that the El-Hariri is under house arrest in the Kingdom.
It also came after statements of foreign officials above them France’s foreign ministry !!

Back in Cairo, I think Abdel Fattah El-Sisi does not like or approve that escalation against Hezbollah or Iran in Lebanon because it makes things hard for him in Syria.

It is not a big secret that the current Egyptian administration is playing a role in the Syrian crisis by supporting the so-called peaceful political solution hosting from time to time talks with the so-called “Moderate political opposition”.

Sisi says that he is with the National state aka al-Assad's government and National army “which actually killed thousands and thousands of Syrian civilians”. It is not a big secret either that the Syrian Arab army depends mainly on Shia militias from Hezbollah, Iran as well Afghanistan. El-Assad is backed by Iran and Hezbollah and I guess this explains many things I want to say but tired to say honestly.

That escalation puts El-Sisi in a hard position as you can see. Time will only tell if he will choose between Saudi Arabia or al-Assad's regime and his allies.

Interestingly, MBS is turned from that Young prince that would change the Middle East with his future Metropolis NEMO for better to that hunger power monarch who imprisoned not only his elder cousins but also another country’s Prime minister pushing a whole unrested region to the unknown for real.
PR campaigns fail with dictatorships, nobody wants to understand this universal fact especially in our miserable part of the world.
MBS and MBZ too are the best gift for Iran for real without a doubt.


  1. To Hell with Iran and anyone support Iran.
    Iran killed thousands and thousands of Iraqi and Syrians. They destroid Iraq, Syria and Ymen.


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