Wednesday, November 8, 2017

#WeNeedToTalk about Nubian Egyptians for real !!

Do you remember the Nubian Egyptian protesters who were arrested while protesting peaceful using the Duf in Aswan early September?
There were 25 protesters detained pending investigation on a number of charges, including them illegal protesting.

Now there are 24 protesters detained only because one of them passed in custody at an Aswan prison according to his family who accuses the government of neglecting his health till he died.
Gamal Sorror
Late Gamal Sorror in Tahrir square "Facebook" 

On Saturday, Mr. Gamal Sorror who was one of the oldest men in the group as well the head of the Nubian association in France “Association Nubienne en France” passed.

His family as well Nubian Egyptian activists say that he fell into a diabetic coma at Al-Shallal and he was not transferred on time to the hospital. His family added that he died at the jail and that the ambulance reported that.
Nubia’s representative in the Egyptian Parliament MP Yassin Abdel Sabbour stated in a statement that he released according to Tahrir news that Sorror passed away in his detention and the ambulance refused to transfer his body for two hours !!
The Egyptian security authorities deny that and say that he had a cardiac arrest at the hospital. The usual claim denying any neglect in his treatment.

Late Gamal Sorror had a French passport and he refused to inform the embassy about his detention till his death according to his lawyer Mohamed Abdel Salam who spoke with Tahrir News website.
Abdel Salam added that Sorror believed his charge was honorable one as he was protesting to claim his right in the Egyptian constitution, to return to his rightful village in old Nubia.
Part of me believes that he should have contacted the embassy.

Late Tuesday night, a group of Nubian Egyptian protesters cut the Kalabasha highway in Aswan for several hours before the security forces would disperse their protest and arrest a dozen of protesters.
According to Nuba Facebook page, there were random arrests and people who were not involved in the protests at all.

Only the Constitution Party and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party spoke about what is happening in Nubia currently in Statements.
The Egyptian mainstream media has been so far busy about the coverage of that current World Youth Forum thing, whose tagline rudely if I may say is “We need to talk”.

Well, we need to talk about Nubian Egyptians and their constitutional right to return back to their original old Nubian villages.
We need to talk about what happened to Mr. Gamal Sorror and make sure that it does not against any detainee.
Needless to say, speaking about rights of Nubian Egyptians to reclaim their land in accordance with the constitution is still a taboo.
I totally understand that some people are freaking out because the world is witnessing currently a wave of independence in places like Catalonia and Kurdistan.
But again for the zillion and one time, the Nubian Egyptians do not want any kind of independence from the Egyptian state and the Egyptian community because simply they are an origin competent of the Egyptian society and the Egyptian civilization.

We need to talk about the treatment of detainees and how they must have at least adequate Medical treatment as it is a true and original human right.

I do not know what to say except . May God bless the soul of Mr. Gamal Sorror and bring patience to his family. I hope his death won’t be in vain and that it will be a wake-up call for the Egyptian authorities and not to be stubborn.
I hope so that the Egyptian authority will be smart and won’t lose hearts and minds, as usual, leaving grudges to grow.


  1. Another one...
    May Allah swt has Mercy on his soul.

  2. Nubians beutiful people
    may your suffering end soon


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