Monday, November 6, 2017

And Khaled Ali is running for President in 2018

Famous Egyptian human rights lawyer Khaled Ali announced earlier Monday that he would run for the presidential office in elections 2018.
Ali announced that he would run in the upcoming elections from Egypt’s Doustor party headquarter in Giza in a very crowded press conference.
We will start in preparing our presidential campaign as well the drafts for our platform to discuss it with the public in order to present alternative solutions to save Egypt from that grim destiny waiting it
Khaled Ali said in a speech that focused in the first half about Egypt’s current problems or disasters to be accurate.
Despite his announcement that he will run in the upcoming elections, the founder of Bread and Liberty Leftist party warned that he would withdraw from the presidential race and even would call for its boycott if the regime started to mess it up “as usual and as expected”
We are ready for these elections without any illusions about the integrity of the rival but we were and won’t be part of political or electoral farce
He made it clear also that he took the decision after long discussions with other opposition political figures and powers in the country.
Khaled Ali
Khaled Ali in his press conference on Monday in Giza
The Presidential race has not started yet officially.
Legally and realistically speaking, the 45-year-old-widower won’t be able to run in the presidential elections if the appeals court rejected on Wednesday his appeal against the misdemeanor court’s sentence to prison him 3 months in jail in September for offending public decency over that Middle finger incident in January !!!!!

If I am not mistaken too, he may not be to run too if there is a retrial and the new court panel finds him guilty.
The father of two boys will be disqualified from running in the elections according to the Presidential elections law.
Not less 300 people attended the Press conference to the level that people stood during Ali’s announcement in outside the room as well in the Constitution Party’s HQ.

It was noticeable that very few Egyptian TV channels covering Ali’s Press conference. I noticed that only Dream TV 2 channel and Al-Hayat TV channels had microphones on the panels which suggested that they were recording the press conference.
I do not know if they aired any clips from the press conference or not.

The Pro-regime has begun already attacking Khaled Ali in the most disgusting way even before announcing his bid for elections 2018.
State-owned El-Gomhouria’s managing editor wrote a whole page attacking Khaled in the most disgusting ways on Monday.
The Pro-regime online trolls also started attacking him as well ridiculing him. They have already started spreading dirty rumors as well.
Ironically, the Pro-regime media and trolls always like to remind that Khaled Ali is not popular as Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. If so, then why they are so pissed off on Monday after declaring his decision to run for the Presidential post !?

El-Sisi already needs a rival like Khaled in the upcoming elections for more legitimate and more realistic look than the usual one-man show so the West and the rest of the world will be happy with that so-called democratic transition.
I think all people including Ali himself know very well that he has no chance to win presidential elections in Egypt against Abdel Fattah El-Sisi currently …. except maybe by a divine miracle in the size of David versus Goliath thing.

Hell, many countries including KSA and Israel as well foreign companies won’t want a man like Ali to be the President of Egypt.
The deep state in Egypt above all doesn’t want someone idealistic leftist to be in charge for God’s sake !!

But there is nothing against playing a little game with that regime giving it hard time and forcing it as well its media to answer questions about certain issues like economy for example.
This is what I believe Khaled Ali and his group are doing.
Already I believe Khaled Ali got more political experience in 2017 than in 2012 presidential elections.
Anyhow let’s wait until Wednesday and see what will happen and whether Khaled Ali will be able qualified


  1. Whereas Sisi is a failure, a torturer, and an idiot, Khaled Ali is a good man and actually cares about the population.

    Sisi is a creature of, by, and for the country's political-military despotism. The pro-regime trolls lash out whenever they are reminded of this.

    1. Does Ali actually have a chance though? The fact that he's saying he'll step down if they mess it up as usual and expected. I don't see how he has any power if the military has command of the nation in the way that they do. I understand they're now building roads and making food and all the money earned goes back into the military. Seems like there's little to no chance of combating this.

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