Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 6 “The Crow”

It is time for us to complete our tale for this Ramadan.
Before we go forward with our 6th episode of “The Amazing tales challenge” tonight, here is a nice trivia about the supernatural underworld in Islamic and Arab mythology world.
In our tale, the villains are “Ifrits”, which according to Wikipedia they are considered a powerful and dangerous class of Jinn. In our Egyptian pop and folklore, Ifrit and Jinn are a synonym for the same of supernatural creature made of fire.
Ironically,  “Ifrit” or “عفريت” are being used in translation from English to Arabic recently in literature or films to describe “Fairy”.
We do not have any similar creature in our mythology to the fairies, thus I believe our translators thought "Ifrit" would fit "fairy" in Arabic despite Ifrits are actually demons.
And now it is time to complete our tale, which was numbered 267 in the long episodes record of Egyptian State-Radio’s One Thousand and One tales show written by Taher Abu Fasha and created by Mohamed Shaaban.
You can hear the episode after the break.

And the miracle happens for King Hathor of the Djinn and his trusted vizier Shanshor after drinking that Jewels soup , their old wives became pregnant. 
A crow by Arthur Rackham
A crow by Arthur Rackham 

Meanwhile, the news of that miraculous pregnancy reaches the wicked Ifrit King’s court and he wants to know more about it. Already King Hathor rejected his peace offering.
He sends one of the demons to spy on the houses of Hathor and Shanshor as a crow.
The Shapeshifter Ifrit thought that it was an easy thing to disguise as crow and spy on Hathor and Shanshor but he was wrong.
Wise Shanshor casts a sample when he feels that there is something wrong about that strange crow which he finds once again at the King’s palace after finding him at his palace.
That shapeshifting spy gets his punishment.
Meanwhile, the wife of King Hathor gives birth to three triplets, all male and he names them: Saeed, Masood, Masa’d “All derivatives from the word happy or Saeed”.
The wife of Vizier Shanshor also gives birth to three triplets, all female and he names them: Saeeda, Masooda, Masa’da.
I believe those six djinns will have tough days coming for them Winking smile

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