Monday, May 21, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 5 "The Diamonds"

And we will complete our tale within tale tonight in our Ramadan Radio Arabian Nights for this year.
Tonight we will know what King Hathor of Djinn kingdom and his wise vizier Shanshor to have an offspring as we knew from last night’s episode.
Tonight’s episode was the 266 of our long show on Egypt’s State Radio that ran from the 1950s till 1970s.
You can hear tonight’s episode from our Ramadan podcast “Ramadan Arabian Nights” right after the break.

Using his powerful flying horse, King Hathor and his vizier Shanshor arrive at the Priests island to visit its grand temple.
They present their offerings and pray to the Almighty for so many hours.
Then the temple’s high priest tells them that the temple accepted their offerings to have an offspring that they aspired for hundreds of years.
Edmund Dulac's Arabian nights
By Edmund Dulac

The vizier vows that if he gets any child, he will donate half of his fortunate while his king vows to build a temple in each of the seven islands he rules and will names it after his child if he gets a girl or a boy.
The high priest then tells to return to their home and not to speak to any creature for 3 nights and that in the last night they will see a dream that they must follow if they want any kids.
The two djinns follow the high priest’s instruction and for 3 nights they have not spoken to anyone. In the fourth day, the vizier hurries to his king to tell him his dream and knows the king’s dream too.
Surprisingly, the two djinns dreamt of the same thing: They are guided to some garden they know by an old Sufi man who tells them to wait for two blind small snakes at a moonless night. Those two blind small snakes, use two big jewels as a way to find their way out at night. The old man then instructs Hathor and Shashor to throw their crowns to trap the jewels and take them away.
If they want any children then they must boil those jewels and drink its soup.
The two djinns “I feel so strange to write that ” follow their identical dreams and head to that garden at a moonless night to find that those two small blind snakes pushing in front of them those two big jewels under a fig tree.
They throw their crowns over the jewels diverting the attention of the blind snakes. They take the jewels and while they are on their way home, they decide that if one of them gets a girl and the other gets a boy or vice versa; the two will get married.

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