Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 4 "The Amazing tale"

It has not been a week in Ramadan and people are complaining that almost all the TV soap operas “Ramadan is their main reason in the Arab world” are boring.
One thing for sure, our Ramadan Arabian nights radio is not boring.
And Scheherazade will continue her tale “The Amazing tales challenge” tonight where she stopped last night.
Tonight we will know what the vizier will do at the King’s palace and whether his daughter Sukar and her beloved Anbar will save the day or not.
You can hear tonight’s episode, which was episode no. 265 in the record of Egyptian State Radio Show’s One Thousand and Oe Nights; after the break.

The King and his Vizier are now in the palace and each of them wants the other to start and share his tale with the other. 
Both men do not know that each of them had got part of the tale.
They agree to wait for the first person to enter the royal court hall and ask him to choose which one will start first and recount his tale.
The first person to enter hall was Sukar who saved him and his fortune.
Wise and lovely Sukar began to recount that amazing tale while her father and his king listened.
Now we move to start a tale inside a tale my dear friends.
The amazing tale starts at the Djinn realm where a powerful King of fire and light as well the seven seas and seven islands called Hathor rules with the help of his vizier Shanshor who can fly and dive in the seas.
Flying horse by Edmund Dulac
By Edmund Dulac 

King Hathor was from the Djinns that believe in God and he was so popular and loved by his own people.
Yet there was one problem he is currently facing,, he had no heir while there was another restless king that wants to invade his kingdom.
That king was from Ifrit realm and his name King Hadam, the Sultan of darkness. King Hadam worships the fire and his kingdom is in hell.
One day, King Hathor got the info that Hadam of Ifrit was planning to attack him and thus he summons his trusted vizier Shanshor. Shanshor is ready for the fight taking the powerful Djinns to battle.
Shanshor got a nice plan for them, especially they will shapeshift in a fire. He will simply turn himself into water.
King Hathor and Shanshor win the battle yet they know Hadam will attack again.
Despite the Djinns are celebrating their victory over the Ifrit yet King Hathor is sad.
It turned out that he is 300 years old with no heir to his throne and he was worried about that. Vizier Shanshor is also sad because he is 400 years old with no heir too.
Shanshor suggests visiting the grand temple of the realm so they can worship God until the Almighty give them what they wanted most: offspring.
The King brings his flying horse so they can fly to the temple at the Priests Island.
Tomorrow we will what happens at the Grand Temple.

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