Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 7 “The Crow ..again”

Tonight we will continue our tale for this year; the amazing tales challenge.
I apologize that tonight’s episode, the 7th episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast was published late but it is never too late to publish it.
After the break you can listen to the 277th episode of Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights; written by Taher Abu Fasha and directed by Mohamed Shaaban, the godfather of Egyptian Radio.

King Hathor's sons have grown up and Vizier Shanshor’s daughters have grown up and everything seemed to be going as planned. The six meant for each other are getting married and live happily ever after in that faraway Djinn kingdom but an old enemy was waiting to strike back.
Flying house by Anton Pick
Flying house by Anton Pick 

Evil King “Hadam” of underground “Ifrit” kingdom decides to declare war on his old nemesis who is getting older that could not lead an army. 
Hadam has got a very nice plan to conquer Hathor as he will capture his three sons using the oldest trick in the book: Divide and conquer using the young djinns’ ego. He will release them on one condition: King Hathor declares his defeat and surrender.
Old and powerless Hathor and Shanshor have got not too many options but sometimes fate changes the course of plans and strategies.
Do you remember that wicked shapeshifter Ifrit Hadam sent to spy on Hathor’s court?
That ifrit that shapeshifted into a crow and Shanshor busted him?
He knew what happened despite he is imprisoned. He offers his help to release the king’s sons. He changed in prison and became a believer after worshiping the fire.
Using the King’s magical winged horse, that Ifrit goes and saves the three brothers.
And nothing will remain the same after that incident.

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