Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 8 “The will”

Good evening or morning based on your time and location now.
It is time for a new episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast.
Tonight we will listen to episode no.269th of Egyptian state radio’s One thousand and one nights show, created by Mohamed Shaaban “Papa Sharo” and written by Taher Abu Fasha.
You can hear the episode after the break and know what happened after the return of three Djinn princes to their kingdom.

Edmund Dulac
By Edmund Dulac

The three princes return to their king Father who wants to reward that Ifrit who saved them but that Ifrit whose name is Shenkar does not want anything except to live in the Djinn kingdom.
The three princes want to have that Ifrit as their aide and thus their wish comes true.

Meanwhile back at the Ifrits’s underground realm, evil king Haddam is in disbelief that the princes escaped with the help of his trusted Shenkar. Haddam sends another trusted aide in disguise to see what happened.
That Ifrit spy is busted by none other than Shenkar but for his luck, he gets away in the big scene.

Time goes on and now King Hathor of the Djinn realm is dying on his bed surrounded by his three sons.
He has one will for them “ To stand united and never get separate and even divide the kingdom, they must be united”

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