Friday, June 1, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 16 “The war ”

We continue our tale for this year, the tale of the Amazing tales challenge.
Tonight, we will listen to the 16th episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast this year and just like last night’s episode, it was inspired by true events that changed the course of history.
Taher Abu Fasha was inspired by the Suez war events in 1956 to write the 277th episode of the Egyptian Radio state’s One Thousands Nights and One.
There is nationalization or support to Algerian rebels and their great revolution here but you will below what I mean.
I believe that that tale was written and aired following the war.
You can hear the episode after the break.

King Saeed knows the Safaleal demons and their king Djarbon are attacking his island in the Djinn Kingdom.
An illustration from Persia's book  Razmnama
An illustration from Persia's book

He sends one of his aide to King Haddam of Ifrits using his flying winged horse to know if that evil king is going to join Safaleal demons in their war or he is going to stick with peace.

King Haddam claims that he is neutral and won’t go to any war against King Saeed.
Saeed rejoices and calls for mobilization because he believes that he will the war against Safaleal’s small army.

Meanwhile back at the Underworld kingdom, King Haddam holds a meeting with Ifrit Queen Frankia revealing her evil scheme.
Haddam says the Safaleal demons will attack King Saeed’s Kingdom and that both he “Haddam” and Queen Frankia will claim neutrality on the first day of the war.

On the war’s second day, Haddam and Frankia will order their troops to attack Saeed’s troops from behind as they are busy in fighting Safaleal.
At the war, Saeed and his army win on the first day to the level that the Safaleal demons ask to collect their dead in the evening.
King Saeed does not know the scheme that is being planned but he wants to fight King Djarbon of Salafleal directly.
Till we meet next night inshallah

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