Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 25 “A tale of a curse”

We will continue tonight our tale for this year, the tale of The Amazing Tales Challenge.
Tonight we will return once again to the political indirect messages in our Egyptian State radio show.
Once again, we got the recurring theme on how important United countries and nations are referring indirectly to Pan Arabism which President Nasser called for.
I believe our tale for this Ramadan was aired after the 1956 Suez Crisis for sure and probably after the failure of the political Unity between Egypt and Syria that short-lived for three years only “1958 to 1960” according to tonight’s episode.
Also once again we are going to have a tale inside a tale so pay attention.
You can hear the 25th episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights podcast or to be accurate episode 286th of Classical One Thousand and One Nights Radio show after the break.

Suddenly Anbar sees the city gates when the smoke disappears. The dead princess, her guards and her tower also disappear suddenly just like the smoke.
He enters the city to find no one answering his hellos or questions or calls.
In the market, he finds the people turned in to brass.
In the Royal Court, he finds the King and his aides turned in to brass.
He freaks out and freaks out, even more, when he finds our dead princess Miamona is resurrected and back to life.
The Princess tells him that he broke her curse and now he can break the brass curse of the whole city that remained like that for a whole millennium.
A king and a priest by Henry Justice Ford 
He should play the brass horn to free the people from their brass status.
Anbar says he wants to know the story of the city and how it ended up like that first.
And so Princess Miamona begins recounting the story of her city and its curse.
Miamona’s grandfather was a powerful king who ruled a vast kingdom and had two sons: Kasseman and Salman.
Kasseman is Miamona’s father and after the death of his own father, he wanted to divide the kingdom between him and his brother Salman.
The people and Salman rejected that but Kasseman does not take no for answer.
He divides the kingdom and begins a crackdown against his own people.
One night he dreams of the Kingdom’s high priest, Sheikh Etman.
In the dream, old Etman slaps Kasseman for his cruelty warning him of bad things coming on the way.
Arrogant and furious, Kasseman summons Etman who is clueless about why he is summoned.
The cruel dictator sentences Etman to death by putting him to in lead. 
Till next night inshallah.

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