Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 21 “The cauldron ”

And it is time to complete our tale for this year, the tale of the Amazing tales challenge.
Tonight episode was no. 282 in the long record of the Egyptian State radio’s One Thousand and One Nights radio show.
You listen to the episode after the break.

Sukar begins sharing the tale of how she got the full amazing tale with her father and the King.
It turns out that 4 of her Suitors rest an oasis when they meet the King’s man Mirzaban who explains to them the challenge between the king and his vizier and how he was searching for that tale and ready to pay all the gold he has to get the Vizier’ post.
Edmund Dulac's Arabian nights
Edmund Dulac's Arabian nights

He leaves and goes on with his quest.

Then Sukar’s beloved Anbar shows at the oasis and meets his rivals, the other suitors.
The arrogant suitors mock Anbar because of his color refusing to believe that he may marry.
They even refuse to accompany them but not for arrogance or racism, but for competition.

Meanwhile, Mirzaban is searching for someone who knows the rest of the tale he got. He stumbles upon brass items and artifacts vendor who knows the story.
The vendor tells to go into a huge cauldron and to open a tiny door inside it. That door will lead him to another world, he should go to a garden there and asks for Sheikh Etman’s help.
As soon as the Mirzabn listens to him and disappears inside the brass cauldron, the old mysterious brass vendor put back its top cover.

Till we meet next night inshallah

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