Friday, June 8, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 23 “The City of Brass”

Dear friends, it is time for a new episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights podcast for this year.
Tonight is a very special night because Egyptian State Radio’s “One Thousand Nights and One” show’s writer Taher Abu Fasha takes a cue from the original One Thousand Nights and One book in our tale.
The city of brass was from the unforgettable tales in that book.
Its first mention in the original book was in the 586th night and it was from the tales that mixed real historical figures from the Islamic Arab history with fictions.
Its main hero was Umayyad military commander Musa Bin Nusayr who was on a quest by the order of Caliph Abdel Malik Ibn Marwan.
In that quest, Bin Nusayr passes by Egypt and the city of Kairouan.
It is very interesting considering the fact we are speaking about a book that got originally Persian roots.
You can read that interesting adventure in English and in Arabic.
Without further delay go and listen to our episode which was no. 248 in the record of our Egyptian long show after the break.

The Mirzaban and the suitors as well as Anbar search for the brother of old Sheikh Etman while they are locked into a strange world they entered through a brass cauldron.
Mirzaban meets the old Sheikh who turned to look younger than his younger brother Etman. In that strange world, people look younger when they get older.
The city of brass as imagined by  Edmund Dulac
The city of brass as imagined by
Edmund Dulac

The Old Sheikh tells the Mirzaban that to find that tale, he should head to the city and find Princess Maimona in a tower and follow her instructions to know the tale.

One by one the other men followed the instructions of that strange man in strange place.
Mirzaban arrives first at the gates of that big city made of brass. The city is lifeless but he finds the tower and enters. At its top, he finds the guards made of brass protecting a dead corpse of a princess wearing beautiful jewelry and surrounded by jewelry.
Princess Maimona left instruction for whoever comes to her tower and chamber.
The instructions are mysterious and clear at the same time, the person whoever reads them should fight the greed temptations and maybe he or she will break the curse.

Mirzaban can’t fight greed and decides to take one of Maimona’s big jewels. As soon as he takes one of the jewels, one of the brass guards move and hit him turning him at once into a brass statue.
The three suitors follow his steps and fail as well in the test. They are turned in to a brass.

Now it is time to see Anbar and whether our black knight is going to fall into the trap or break the curse.

Till we meet next night inshallah

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