Monday, June 11, 2018

When Mo Salah met Kadryrov : What shall you do if you were in his shoes ?

Tonight I was wondering what shall I blog about.

 Shall I write about those disastrous new media and press laws that can put an end to blogging and social media altogether ? or Shall I write about the fiascos of Egyptian Football Association "EFA" and its scandals on the sidelines of the World Cup 2018 as a light subject?

Well, I am writing this post now and I think it combines human rights and Egypt’s National Team in the World Cup.
No, I will not speak about the official suites fiasco but rather about a recent incident that happened on Sunday.

Ramzan Kadryov
Yup, that's incident 
On Sunday, the Egyptian National team arrived Grozny in Chechnya where it is staying for the first round of the World Cup 2018.
The Egyptian Football association “EFA” chose Grozny because it is a Muslim city and I bet it was cheaper.
Later on that day, the team held its first training in Russia at Ahmed or Akhmad Kadryrov Stadium which is named after the late Chechen president and the father of the current Ramadan or Ramzan Kadryov.
A close-Putin ally, Kadryov is an original authentic Strongman whose human rights record is not the brightest worldwide.
Anyhow the Egyptian National Team was received warmly by the Chechen public.
A Muslim republic, I believe religion plays a role in that popularity.
When the Egyptian National team showed up at the stadium, they were surprised to find at least 5000 people cheering for them including president Ramzan Kadryrov himself.

Kadryrov was surprised to find that Mohamed Salah aka Mo Salah aka the Egyptian king was absent.
We knew already back in Cairo that Salah would not join the first training because of the injury of his shoulder “F*ck you Sergio Ramos” and the news did not reach Grozny as it seems.

As a strong man who does not take no for answer I suppose, Kadryov did not like the fact that Salah was not there. He decided to go to the hotel and bring him back to the public.
According to news reports, the Egyptian striker was sleeping in his room when he was wakened up to know that the President of Chechnya was down at the lobby waiting for him to take him to the stadium.

He had no choice when you think about it.

Mo had to put on his kit and to go to the stadium with Ramzan Kadryov who thinks that he would win more popularity in his country by just bringing the Egyptian king to the public.
Kadryov took Salah in his car
Yes, Kadryov took Salah in his car. 
Mohamed Salah showed up at the Stadium where he saluted the audience including the Egyptian fans who arrived there.
Watch that video till the end if You are an Egyptian and living in Egypt now, unexpected mention there.
Then Ramzan Kadryrov took a couple of photos with him and that’s it.
Mo left the training to take some rest.

On Monday, Western media and social media criticized Mo and EFA for beautifying the image of a dictator like Kadryov.
I hate to remind the Western media that the World Cup is held in Russia itself with its worst human rights records and Putin is using it already for his own sake.

The fact that the Egyptian team is staying in Grozny is actually small compared to the fact the World Cup is held in Russia itself under the rule of Vladimir Putin after the shit he caused in the world in the past 6 years.

Do not pick on Mo Salah or EFA losers.
Mo Salah got bigger problems or rather challenges waiting for him. He got an injury as well a-once-life-chance to show his talents as a player as well a promise to make his people proud and happy back home in the World Cup.

I do not know what any person in his position should have done without causing a problem for himself or for the team, especially as I think he may not be familiar with Kadyrov's black record.
Despite Salah's father is a big Pro-supporter back in Egypt, yet the Liverpool star is wise enough to stay away from politics.

He is smart enough to stay away from politics especially since he saw what happened to his friend and mentor Mohamed Abu Trika.

The fact that Ramzan Kadryrov went himself to bring him from his hotel to greet people despite his need for rest shows what kind of person he is.

The EFA losers got bigger problems than staying in some hotel in Grozny, they got corruption scandals back home that need to be investigated ASAP.

Not to mention, the democratic status of countries and their human rights records have been not an issue for the EFA.
It is the Egyptian Football Association for the sake of God. We can’t have fans back to the stadiums in Egypt for fear that they will chant anti-regime chants and songs.

I think international and Western media can present throughout the Mondial a special extensive coverage about human rights and corruption in Russia and the former Soviet Union republics. It is a rare opportunity. 

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