Monday, November 12, 2018

Gaza under attack : Lost count of broken Egyptian-sponsored truces

Right now things are escalating between Gaza and Israel after the Israeli decision to end the Egyptian-sponsored cease-fire and truce that took nearly a month to reach if I am not mistaken.
The airstrike on Al-Aqsa TV station tonight in Gaza
Another familiar brutal scene in Gaza tonight from the airstrike on Al-Aqsa TV channel 
It all started when at least seven Palestinian people including a leading military El-Kassem figure were killed earlier Monday in a failed Israeli special military operation in Khan Younis.

The Palestinian fighters killed a high-ranking Israeli officer during the failed Israeli military operation that made Bibi return from France ASAP.

 Israel was showered by nearly 200 rockets or something targeting the illegal Zionist settlements on its borders as a retaliation after that failed Israeli military operation so Israel fired back with airstrikes

 It bombed the building of Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV station studios in Gaza but once again the broadcast of the TV channel is back. Four civilian buildings in Gaza were turned in to rubble.It also bombed a very famous hotel there called Al-Amal.
The airstrike on Al-Aqsa TV station tonight in Gaza
The airstrike on Al-Aqsa TV station tonight in Gaza
Gaza government declared that it suspended study in all the schools in the besieged sector while Israel is going on more air strikes.

An Israeli bus carrying IDF conscripts was hit and one person was severely wounded according to Israeli and Palestinian media.

It will be another long sleepless night, familiar to both sides and to us. Israelis are luckier than those besieged Palestinians as they got bunkers.

Now I have got two question to ask because what happened several times before to the level that I have lost counting :

How many truces sponsored and brokered by Egypt in the past two decades between Israel and Gaza were ended in less than a week or two weeks maximum because Israel decided to kill some big Hamas or Kassam leadership?

Till when Egypt will take the word of Israel that it won’t escalate matters then hell breaks loose?

Already Israeli leadership is making Egypt and the General intelligence officers look bad in the region seriously speaking.

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  1. It is all very sad especially so for Palestinians who suffer the brunt of it all. As you pointed out, at least Israelis have bunkers to hunker down in .


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