Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Amending Constitution in 2019 : More quiet rejection

The calls for amending the 2014 Constitutions have not stopped, nor did the calls standing against those proposed constitutional amendments.
On Wednesday, “25-30” parliamentary bloc declared that its total rejection for any attempt to amend the current constitution.
On 13 January 2019, The Civil Democratic Movement issued a statement rejecting “the attempts to mess with the constitution”.
We all know that the main declared reason for those calls [to amend the constitution] is to return back to that phase we believed that passed by the revolution [25 January] and turned over its page forever and that is the one-man and dictatorship rule that destroys the state institution and turns the ruler in to a god” said the statement of the centrist and leftist opposition parties coalition declaring their total refusal.

The Civil Democratic Movement includes the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Karama Party, The Constitution Party, The Popular Socialist Alliance Party, The Bread and Freedom Party, Egypt Freedom Party and El-Adl Party.
As usual, the mainstream media ignored both statements and the social media did not know about it in the first place.
Instead , some media figures in the mainstream media unleashed an attack against Hamdeen Sabbahi, the former presidential candidate and opposition figure who has been vocal against constitution amendments.

For example, he was being called a loser womanizer whose wife “who actually works in the American University in Cairo” gets foreign funding to support him.

But it is not his campaign against constitutional amendments that are making some people, rather it is his latest interview where he opened the fire on the current regime and Abdel Fattah El-Sisi unprecedently.
Hamdeen Sabbahi
"Yes, we made a mistake," Says Sabbahi in El-Mashhad

In an interview with less known El-Mashhad newspaper in early January, Hamdeen Sabbahi admitted for the first time that the military hijacked the 30 June protests just like how SCAF hijacked the 25 January revolution.
The lesson that we should understand and the mistake that we should apologize for and admit it is that we went against the authoritarian regime on 30 June replacing it with another authoritarian regime” He said hinting that the protests to support Sisi giving him so-called popular delegation to fight terrorism on 26 July 2013 was the moment the military rule took over.
Seriously speaking I can’t believe my eyes that Nasserite Sabbahi is criticizing the military openly like that.
Strange times indeed.
In the interview, Sabbahi also said that amending the constitution means “installing a dictator in the presidency for another 30 years”
On Sunday, another concerned citizen and lawyer reported Hamdeen Sabbahi to the prosecutor general for “inciting against the state” and “spreading fake news” because of that interview.
It is noticeable that major newspapers and TV channels ignore completely Sabbahi and do not interview him anymore.
Hamdeen Sabbahi is not the only opposition figure attacked viciously in pro-regime media and tabloids lately.
He is joined by MP and film director Khaled Youssef who actually hinted out that he may pay a price for his political actions earlier if you remember.
This week he was surrounded by a bunch of sexual scandals including alleged sex videos with women as well as a secret marriage from renowned public personality and artist Yasmine El-Khatib too.
Youssef is currently married to Saudi artist Shalimar Sharbatly.
I won’t go in details about what is happening to him because it seems the guy got his own demons and the regime’s demons to fight.
Former vice President Mohamed El-Baradei continues to be vocal on Twitter.
This week he praised how current president of Mauritania “who coup through in 2008” Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz has rejected calls to amend the Mauritanian constitution so he could run for a third presidential term.

“The Mauritanian President General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz rejects constitutional amendments that would enable him to run for the office for the third time. An unprecedented move in the Arab World, May and perhaps…” He said in his tweet in Arabic.
Needless to say, he is being attacked in the mainstream media day and night.
Till 10 January 2019, the Egyptian Parliament did not receive any official request to amend the constitution.

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