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Sudan Protests : Going strong and big against El-Bashir

The anniversary of Sudan’s independence was loud and big in 2019 without a doubt, it will be a day to remember for several generations.
Within few hours following the Friday prayers in Sudan, Sudanese political powers and parties and before them, Sudanese people will protest once again demanding Omar El-Bashir to step down across the country in an original Arab Spring traditional Friday protest.
El-Bashir degage
El-Bashir degage graffiti is making round in Sudan
It also has got a name “The Freedom and change Friday”.

This will be the first major protest after the successful mass protests event on 31 December 2018, the eve of Sudanese independence Day which I will about later.

The Freedom and Change Friday is organized by the Sudanese Professional Association “SPA” and its new allies and it will be a start for a series of mass protests across the country.

It will be followed mass-protests on 6th January and 9th January. The 6th January mass protests event aims to reach to the presidential palace in Khartoum while the 9th January mass protests will be centralized in Omdurman city as they head to the National Council to present a petition demanding the current Sudanese regime to step down.

Now as I hinted above the SPA  has got some partners and allies from Sudanese parties and political parties.
On Tuesday, SPA issued the “Freedom and change declaration” with other three political coalitions in Sudan. Made of 9 points, the declaration says that the Sudanese people won’t stop protesting peacefully till the totalitarian regime is downed.

The declaration demands Omar El-Bashir and his regime to step down immediately without any terms or conditions as well as the formation of an interim government to rule the country for the next four years.

In those four years, the interim government should stop the civil wars and try to solve the current “Sudanese issue” through peace agreement while helping the refugees to their homes as well as to stop the economic deterioration in the country.
The declaration adds that the role of this interim government will include supervising the interim period and the political transformation from a totalitarian regime to a multi-party system with a restructure to police and army forces so they will become independent.
The interim government will also supervise the restructuring of the human rights and legal system to ensure the independence of the judiciary and the state of law. It will work on true women empowerment as well as eliminating all shapes of discrimination.
Forming a constitutional committee and to stop all violations and laws against freedoms in the country are among the goals of that declaration or to be accurate this growing political protests movement.

The declaration did not forget Sudan’s foreign policies as it aims to have independent foreign policies with diplomatic relations based on common interests and staying away from the so-called axis. “I think they refer indirectly to Saudi Arabi and UAE

I like the idea of interim government and despite some says that it is too early to plan. Well, plans stop chaos.

may say that it is too early to make a roadmap for Sudan post-El-Bashir, I believe it is good that
The other three political coalitions cooperating with SPA are The coalition of Sudanese calling forces “Sudanese calling forces”, the coalition of national Conesus and the United opposition assembly.
Now judging from the backgrounds of those coalitions, Sudanese calling forces coalition stands out at least for me.

Formed on 11 November 2011, the coalition is made of several Sudanese political parties as well political groups that once carried arms in Darfur.
The Sudanese Congress Party “SCP” and National Umma Party “I saw its flag held by protesters in the 28 December videos”.
Interestingly, Islamist affiliated Umma party is headed by none other than Sadiq Al-Mahdi.
On Wednesday, Sudanese Communist party declared its support to the Freedom and Change declaration.
On Thursday, popular Girfna political movement announced that it supported the Freedom and change declaration and jointed SPA in its quest.

Busy Tuesday in Sudan

Aside from smaller but spread protests on Tuesday during the Sudanese independence day, there had been a lot of political developments
On Tuesday, 22 parties reportedly participating in the current cabinet in Sudan announced their withdrawal from the government demanding Omar El-Bashir to step down in a huge development following more than 11 days of public protests across the country.
The National Front of Change “echoes a familiar name in Egypt ” which includes parties like Reform Sudanese held a press conference in Khartoum declaring that aside from withdrawing from the government coalition that they presented a petition demanding the current Sudanese president to step down from rule, to dissolve the current Sudanese parliament and to form Sudanese interim government.
The ruling National Congress party “NCP” officials slammed the move saying that those parties were leaving the “national consensus” and they “the parties” were violating the politics ethics adding that they were parties with no political or popular weight. “Then why you entered a coalition with them to form a government”
The NCP expectedly rejected all the calls to dismiss El-Bashir.
On the other hand, the “SPA” that played an important role in the past weeks in the protests announced publicly that it did not trust those parties and their intentions adding that the SPA was not concerned with their announcement.
Nevertheless, the SPA did not close the door to cooperate with political parties or political coalition in the country and we saw above it decided to coordinate with other Sudanese political powers and parties.
In a sad irony on the same day, Bashir ordered to set up a fact-finding committee “to investigate violence during the anti-government protests”

The eve of Independence Day’s mass protests.

On the eve of Sudan’s day of independence, thousands of Sudanese from all ages protested against Sudanese president and the pro-regime militias and forces tried to disperse those protests by force.
Video footage emerging from the protests show horrifying head injuries that can lead to death.
The Sudanese Communist Party held a presser on 2 January Wednesday where it said that number of fatalities since the 19 December 2018 mass protests had reached 40 people while the security forces detained not less 200 people.

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