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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2019 : Aladdin " Just get the lamp " Ep.3

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Interestingly , Taher Abu Fasha changed the origin of Aladdin as in the original story.

In the original One Thousand and one nights book , the story of Aladdin takes place in China.
Already China is mentioned several times in the book and this is a proof that the Arab Islamic civilization reached China before Mao and his comrades.

Here is the third episode of Aladdin and the magical lamp or episode no.154 of the Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights show in Arabic after the break.

The man pretending to be Aladdin’s uncle visits him and his mother.
He knows more about the misfortune of the family.
The man says that he will help Aladdin and his mother.
Aladdin heading to the lamp  Edmond Dulac
Aladdin heading to the lamp
Edmond Dulac  

He tells him that he will make Aladdin as a merchant setting a shop in the city.
The man tells Aladdin that he will meet him at the market next day.

Next day , he takes Aladdin in a tour in the market and then takes him to the middle of the desert.
In the middle of nowhere , the man spreads an handkerchief and brings a book as well incense. He orders Aladdin to search for certain herbs nearby and boy bring them.

He burns the herbs and begins to cast a spell. The desert is shaking and a rock appears with a gate.
He orders the boy to open the rock using its gate and then to go inside it. Once inside , he will find a palace and inside it a flaming lamp.

The man orders Aladdin to bring the lamp and only now our boy realizes that this man is not his uncle.
He brings the lamp but he won’t give the lamp to the man unless he pulls out of the cavern but the man insists that Aladdin  gives him the lamp first.

Despite his young age, Aladdin remembers his father’s words not to trust anymore especially traitors.
Arguing with each other , the Sun sets and the cavern closes its gate.
Now Aladdin is stranded in magical cavern with a lamp.

Tomorrow night we will know how Aladdin survived being stranded in the cavern. “I guess you already knew”

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