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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2019 : Aladdin " A Qareen’s help " Ep.9

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First of all, you can refresh your memory and see how Aladdin lost his princess as well as his lamp.
Here is the ninth episode of Aladdin and the magical lamp or episode no.160 of the Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights show in Arabic after the break.

Aladdin goes to search for his beloved princess but can not find it. In the middle of nowhere and in a moment of despair, he screams her name “ Tot” and suddenly a strange man appears out of nowhere.

That man or rather being is none other than her Qareen
, her spiritual double and helps him to find his beloved Tot.
Aladdin finds Tot and the palace by  Edmund Dulac
Aladdin finds Tot and the palace by
Edmund Dulac 

Aladdin knows that the evil sorcerer kidnapped her and transferred their palace to the Moon’s mounts where no being can reach them.

The Qareen helps Aladdin to reach that impossible telling him that he must outsmart the sorcerer.

Meanwhile, the sorcerer goes back to the kingdom in order to get rid of Aladdin as he can’t have him alive.

He is madly in love with Princess Tot who is madly in love with her husband Aladdin.

Tot tells the sorcerer that she will kill herself if he touches her.
As the sorcerer goes away, Aladdin comes and gives her a special poison from Socorta island given to him by the Qareen.

According to the Qareen, this is the only poison that will kill the evil man.
Aladdin tells his wife to deceive that sorcerer and claims that she loves him in order to poison his drink.

Tomorrow inshallah we will know what Princess Tot will do.

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